Weekly Star Wars Recap #69: December 12th, 2016

ROGUE ONE!!! It releases this week and we will have our spoiler filled reviews posted on Friday. Until then lets look over the news that came out this week and it’s pretty much all Rogue One.

One non Rogue One piece of information… Snoke Puppet?

The boys at MakingStarWars have this leak about a possible Snoke puppet for the live action scenes in Episode VIII. Jason suspects they will do this like they did Unkar Plut where the body and head are man(men) in suit and the face is altered digitally to give it the CGI motion capture emotions and detail. This would be for the live action sequences that are NOT hologram. which is just awesome. The only question I have is what happens when/if Snoke faces Luke/Rey… I’m sure the brains at LFL and ILM have it planned out but I am curious. I suspect right age es will be mostly CGI. Really cool news though.

Here are a whole lot of scenes and TV trailers.


AND Starwarsnewsnet.com has compiled over an hour’s worth of video here

I have to be honest the more I see the more excited I am! The rescue scene is absolutely fantastic. This look so much better than I expected and I expected quite a bit.

First reactions from those that saw it at the Premier!

Heroic Hollywood was nice enough to compile these tweets in one place! The reaction is overwhelmingly positive and really think people were surprised at how good it was. Obviously the premier can create an environment where you are a bit more hyped than usual but I think we can expect more greatness from Star Wars.


EW has images of the creatures of Star Wars.

Some cool images here but nothing ground breaking. Though I do love the design of WeeTeef.

Rebels connection in Rogue One?

About 100 different people noticed what appears to be the Ghost in a shot from the Rogue One trailer (lower left). Could they be in there will we hear or see a familiar character?  I personally doubt it will be more than a shot of the ship but who knows! Still, a brief shot of a live-action Hera, played by Vanessa Marshall? That could be amazing.

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