Review of Star Wars Rebels: Visions and Voices

We don’t do too many reviews out here in Spoiled Blue Milk land, but we occaisonally come out of the woodworks to review a season finale or a movie. Saturday night’s episode of Star Wars Rebels was probably my favorite so far, and I think it might have implications for the saga as a whole, so I thought I would do a review.

First off, the episode begins with Hera discussing an attack on the Imperial bases on Lothal. No doubt we’ll see this attack in a future episode. This story line is set aside as Ezra starts seeing Maul. Ezra is having strange visions of Maul and even tries to take his saber out on a bystander, who was ultimately saved by Kanan. Amazingly, blind Kanan could see who the person was better than Ezra, who was deluded by Maul’s magic. At this point, it is clear something is up, so they go seek help from Bendu.


Bendu is as cool as ever. He’s only there for a brief moment because the actual Maul shows up. I love this scene.

Ezra: I want to stop seeing Maul.

Bendu: Then don’t turn around.

OK, so here’s where it gets interesting. Maul is able to convince Ezra to go with him to Dathomir to open up some Night Sister magic. “Old” magic.  After drinking some sort of magic potion that Maul made, Ezra and Maul were both able to merge each other’s minds and see the last remaining information each other was holding. The mind-merge was mediated by some sort of green light through the alter, no doubt Night Sister magic.

It’s was implied that the answer to both of their questions was “Obi Wan Kenobi on a desert planet with twin suns”. This is the part that I think everyone was talking about. We had an article a couple days ago about Obi Wan and referenced Collider about their view that something about this episode supports the Rey Kenobi theory. I don’t see it. However, it does suggest that Obi Wan plays a more critical role in destroying the Sith. As we’ve discussed before, bringing balance to the Force involves eliminating the Sith, so if this were the case, Obi Wan would be the Chosen One. This is a very interesting possibility, especially considering recent tweets from Pablo Hidalgo (thanks to Ugnaught77):

So it’s certainly possible that there will be alternative interpretations of what the prophecy of the Chosen One ultimately means in terms of the saga.

The striking thing is, although Ezra and Kanan don’t know what planet Obi Wan is on, Maul does know. He knows because he was on Tatooine and almost tried to kill Anakin, and first came close to crossing paths with Obi Wan. Maul states “It ends where it begins”, making reference that he must go back to Tatooine, the first place that he attacked a Jedi making his presence known as a Sith.

So what does this mean? I would suspect that Maul is on his way to find Obi Wan. I don’t see how this implies anything about Obi Wan other than what we know, but I suppose when we actually do see Obi Wan in Rebels that could change things.

A couple of other things. Maul and Ezra could have Force-pushed Kanan and Sabine out of the cave when they were first outside of it.


It is interesting that Maul says that Sabine would know what to do with the dark saber. Presumably only Mandalorians can turn on these kinds of dark sabers. I can only assume that this one is Maul’s that he won from Pre Visla in the Clone Wars? Cool that Sabine now has it. Maul leaves the saber behind as if he doesn’t care. His so singularly focused on exacting his revenge with Obi Wan Kenobi that he leaves everything behind.


I loved that blind Kanan says “It’s not Maul, look!” when Ezra almost killed who he thought was Maul. Kanan has become so attuned to not using his vision, that he has begun to enhanced his other senses and his Force-sense. Kanan has come a long way, and will probably surprise us in the season finale.

I’m looking forward to learning more about what Sabine does with that saber…I can’t help but think of the “Knights of Wren” theories…

One more point, the spirit wanted to start the “Clan of the Night Sisters”…could this be related to the clan leader in Rey’s Force-back? Wouldn’t it be crazy if the clan that he was the leader of was in fact the Clan of the Night Sisters??!?

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