Weekly Star Wars Recap #70: December 26th 2016

What’s up, Star Wars fans. We’re here to bring you the last weekly recap of 2016. It’s been one heck of a year. With Rogue One behind us and a lot of excitement on the horizon to come for Episode VIII. You can check out our reviews of Rogue One here and here. Now, let’s get to the news.

New 4K restoration of A New Hope in the works

In a recent interview with Gareth Edwards, it was revealed that there is a 4K version of A New Hope that is under development. The expectation that we have is that there will be subsequent revisions of ESB and RotJ to follow, possibly followed by the prequels. The only roadblock for the prequels (actually for just AotC and RotS) is that they were filmed digitally. I am no expert, but I would suspect that digital film has a finite resolution that it can be mapped to. Therefore, I’m not sure that 4K would work.

There were originally Jedi in Rogue One

This one comes from a recent interview with Lucasfilm creative Doug Chiang. It is certainly interesting to contemplate how the film would have ended up with Jedi, but what we got was still very interesting. What we got is an expansion of the spectrum of Force-users beyond just Jedi and Sith. We got the “Guardians of the Whills”, which may end up being more interesting.

Rogue One Location Featurette Released

This new video has some new on location shots and an interview with Gareth Edwards on some of the choices for locations for filming. The video is short, but there are a lot of cool new views and looks at some of the characters as well as some behind the scenes shots. Cool stuff.

Saw Gerrera to appear in Star Wars Rebels

In a recent article from Entertainment Weekly, as well as this tweet:

I really like how the design of Saw bridges the gap between The Clone Wars and Rogue One. The one strange thing is the fact that his eyes are blue in Rebels (as well as The Clone Wars) and brown in Rogue One. However, a recent tweet from Pablo Hidalgo, there might be an in-universe reason for this. With all of Saw’s cybernetic parts, it’s possible that the brown eyes are replacements.

Alternate Titles for Rogue One soundtrack

For a chuckle, check out these punny alternate titles for the Rogue One soundtrack. Apparently, this is the way Michael Giacchino does things, and he has a sense of humor.  Good stuff!

Rian Johnson defend the prequels

A huge storm has erupted with people chiming in. It would appear that the twitter users that are following the situation agree with Johnson, if the likes are any indication. In my opinion, anyone speaking out against the prequels needs to read both starwarsringtheory.com as well as watch the prequels strike back. These will force you to rethink the artistic vision behind them.

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