Weekly Star Wars Recap #71: January 2nd 2016

I know what you are thinking don’t you usually do these on Monday? Well it was a Federal holiday and the Spoiledbluemilk offices were closed so we couldn’t. Anyway it is still our duty to provide with a recap of all the news that the Star Wars universe has produced this week. As always spoilers ahead!

Carrie Fisher has passed away

We doubt you missed this. Our Statement. Our hearts go out to Carrie’s family and friends in this time of loss.

Leia’s and Luke’s Costumes

source: Oscar Isaac

Oscar Issac(Poe Dameron) posted a picture this week with Mark and Carrie in costume for VIII, though covered with a black robe. One thing you’ll notice is that Luke has a white shirt with cuffs, and Leia has a lot of ornate jewelry. Could it be that these two are at the funeral scene in Dubrovnik?

Carrie’s Role in Episode VIII

Deadline reports that Carrie’s role was expected to be larger and was completely filmed. What her death will change in unknown. However if MSW reports of Leia being in a coma for much of the movie are correct they may change what happens to Leia in the end, this likely changes the story of Episode IX though again we don’t know how. It would have been great to see Leia confront her son Ben about the death of Han. However, it isn’t clear that this was filmed. We trust that Rian Johnson will find a way to make it work.

Rogue One Editors talk changes

Yahoo Movies has a great interview with the three editors of Rogue One. They admit that act three was changed significantly and that the introduction of our two main characters as adults was added in reshoots also. Its a great read I suggest you read it yourself. No doubt that these changes were part of the reshoots. We can only assume that the changes are an improvement given that the critical response for the film has been so positive.

Ben Mendelsohn Talks Rogue One takes.

This interview with Collider, Ben Mendelsohn talks about how Gareth Edwards uses many different takes and tones so in theory the movie could be completely different than the way it ended up. It’s also possible that the finished product is a merger of these different takes.

Han Solo being Delayed?

According to this report from MSW, Lucasfilm is considering pushing back Han Solo to December of 2018. I like this idea and ever since TFA was released thought that December should be Star Wars month. Plus the more time they have to keep it it in the oven the better the final product in my mind.

Rebels with come back with Saw in tow!

More Saw? I’m down. It looks like they used more footage that wasn’t in the final Rogue One film here too. One question a lot of people had is about Saw’s eyes. They are blue in The Clone Wars, but brown in Rogue One. There is a tweet by Pablo Hidalgo that suggests that there could be an in-unverse explanation for why this happens.

The other thing is that Agent Kallus described a Lasat mercenary associate of Saw Gerrara’s. Will we see this character on screen or at least mentioned with possible connections to Zeb?


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