Weekly Star Wars Recap #72, January 9th, 2017

Star Wars is back, everybody. We’re also back for our second recap of 2017. Let’s get to it.


Convorees in Episode VIII?

There is a very recent article from Jason Ward of Making Star Wars on the possibility of “convorees” appearing in Episode VIII. I have to admit, when I read his last article on the bird-like creatures, it never occured to me that these little guys could be convorees. We ran a piece a few weeks ago on these rumors, and now that things are coming into focus, it does appear that the convorees do resemble furbies, and everything is making sense. This would be absolutely fantastic if true, and would deepen the connections to the cartoons. This Star Wars fan loves connections, and being able to understand the mystery of the convorees on the big screen would be great.

High-elevation locales in the Canary Islands

Han Solo spin-off to film on the Canary Islands?

Star Wars News Net is reporting a new rumor that the “Hanthology” film will take place, at least in part, on sets on the Canary Islands. These Spanish islands are actually closer to Africa and present a pretty tropical, yet diverse landscape for filming. Fans of the TV show LOST will recall some scenes that take place there regarding the backstory of Richard “guyliner” Alpert. As the image above demonstrates, these islands are capable of presenting “other worldy” locales that could depict just about anything in addition to tropical environments. I would think they would stay away from the beach motif this close to Rogue One with Scarif.


Ships from Episode VIII

While a new LEGO set has revealed (via Hound’s Tooth) the possibility of the TIE bomber reappearing in Episode VIII. Meanwhile, Making Star Wars is running a big article on the different TIE fighter ships rumored to be in Episode VIII. A lot of interesting possibilities there. Among the rumors in the MSW article is that Kylo Ren will be flying his own ship. This is kind of cool and fits more like the way Vader and Maul did things. We can only expect that Kylo has some piloting skills given that he has the Force. Will we see a one-on-one dogfight with Poe Dameron? Would certainly be cool. Check the article for even more possibilities for designs.

Adam Driver shares some detail about Kylo Ren in Episode VIII

Driver’s answer to a general question about Episode VIII is that there is more of Kylo’s humanity revealed. We may see a more complex figure that, as Adam has said before, isn’t so much “evil” as he thinks that he is “right”, which in a way is more dangerous. We might see more of his side of the story, and what things motivate him as a human. The very interesting thing that he says is, when asked whether Kylo Ren survives he says

“it depends on your definition of living.”

So what does this mean exactly? There are many interpretations, but could it mean that Kylo Ren is badly damaged? It might suggest that he’ll get some serious battle wounds like Vader did at the end of Episode III, only to return in Episode IX more machine that man. Time will tell.

Rian Johnson talks Episode VIII

Via SWNN via USAToday

Wow so it looks as though MSW has gotten some good info and Luke and Rey will spend a majority of their time on Ahch-to for Episode VIII. We may be making too much of Rian’s choice of words when discussing who Rey is related to, but I, @mazlow01, do believe it’s going to turn out that Luke is her father. Perhaps he believed she was killed and part of the reason Luke and Ben were searching out Jedi lore was to discover who was behind the growing darkside? Very interesting stuff out there. In contrast, @davestrr is beginning to lean toward the Kenobi theory. It’s funny that a lot of the Kenobi theory hinges on what happens in Rebels this season. I don’t know if it’s deliberate or not, but they seem to be playing off that speculation to build hype for Rebels.

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