Weekly Star Wars Recap #73: January 16th 2017

Hello everyone out there in Star Wars land. Where back again to take a look at the latest Star Wars news throughout the web. It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan! Let’s see why:


Lucasfilm will not digitally recreate Carrie Fisher.

In rare form, StarWars.com has posted a response to the recent rumors about creating a CGI General Leia for future Star Wars films. I think this is the best decision… I doubt they will recast either. I expect they will either have Leia die in VIII or in the crawl of IX.

Recent tweet confirms work has begun on Episode VIII trailer.

In a recent tweet by the managing editor for Fandango, we have the suggestion that the trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII has begun!


How much inside information does Fandango have about Lucasfilm? That’s hard to say. However the dates suggested do sound reasonable. And Kathy said around Spring. Basically until RO is out of Theaters and on Blu-ray release we won’t see anything major on VIII.

Episode IX filming in New Mexico?

That’s right, folks. There is already news filtering in about Episode IX. A recent article suggests that filming is planned for southern New Mexico. How credible is it? While there isn’t a firm “no” for this rumor, the evidence is a bit shaky. An unnamed filmmaker has claimed that filming in this area is planned. The proposed location os Lac Cruces, an area that includes the Organ Mountains, which contain some pretty interesting landscapes:

Organ Mountains, Las Cruces NM

Woody Harrelson says he is playing a mentor to Han

Harrelson spoke in an interview with mashable about the role which you can see here. This harkens back to a legends story where Han had a mentor that was a smuggler/criminal like himself. Still hoping to hear that Maz has a role…

Details about the origin of the Darksaber

Rebels Recon has a bit about the origin of the Dark saber (5:40 in) . This really fits in with the continued lore building of the Disney era of Star Wars. I think the biggest difference between the new EU and old is shown here. Star Wars is Space Fantasy and the Story group gets that, the old EU was Sci-Fi. Its makes these new story so much more compelling.


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