Weekly Star Wars Recap #76: February 6th, 2017

Hello, out there in Star Wars fandom. We’re back for another weekly recap. It’s been a week since you’ve heard from us, and we hope that this week is better. Expect an article at some point, probably Friday. Now let’s get to the news.

Leak of Kelly Marie Tran’s character’s look for The Last Jedi?

Lego figures (via Reddit post) may provide our first look at Kelly Marie Tran’s character for The Last Jedi, but they only reveal so much. Others commenting on that post have pointed out that the red circle is intending to also indicate Benicio Del Toro’s character with the green helmet. I personally think we’ll get a real glimpse at some characters from TLJ before we know it.

Lando having lunch with Lando

A recent tweet showed us that Lando Calrisian actor Billy Dee Williams had lunch with Donald Glover:

The Hollywood Reporter also has an interview with Billy Dee, in which he discusses this very meeting. Seems to have gone well, with Williams passing down any tricks of the trade or thoughts on how he portrayed the character.

The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer?

There are a lot of rumors circulating about when and where we will see the first trailer for The Last Jedi. Star Wars News Net places it a ways away at Celebration in April. There was a 4chan post claiming February 10th. A redditor seems to have figured out from a comment from Kathy Kennedy and a countdown timer that the teaser will come out Feb 23rd. The quote from Kathy suggests early Spring, which makes late February seem less likely. However, that countdown timer is a very intriguing suggestion that Feb 23rd has potential. We’ll know soon enough. However, I think Rogue One and The Force Awakens are not good indicators. Rogue One was the first standalone film, and TFA was the first Star Wars film after 10 years. Therefore, I think we might see something different and possibly earlier to get the hype-train going full throttle.

Clone Wars leaving Netflix

Just a heads-up, Clone Wars is leaving Netflix on March 7th. If you wanted to do one last Netflix binge-watch of The Clone Wars, now is the time.

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MSW has details about Finn in The Last Jedi

Source So cool things here, Finn will be under cover with Kelly Marie Tran and dressed in an officer’s uniform. It appears he does a little work sabotaging which is pretty cool. I’m excited to see Finn again as much as I am to see Luke in action.

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