Finn: Intergalactic Man of Mystery.

Finn, no last name, First Order defector, Resistance fighter,  Lightsaber wielder, terrible pilot and all around good guy. When we last saw him he was unconscious after a lightsaber strike to the back and we had no knowledge of how he would be when he woke. Well we’ve gotten some clues and today we’re going to spend a little time on my favorite new Star Wars character and speculate based on what we have learned. Potential spoilers Ahead!

In our last article on Finn we discussed how John Boyega was getting into better shape than he was for TFA and how he’ll be spending most of his time with Kelly Marie Tran’s character. With leaks slowly coming out it looks like this information was correct. Finn will come out of the bacta suit “in better condition than ever before”. I wondered if this meant with increased sensitivity to the Force but now I think the Bacta Suit will just bring Finn to peak physical condition as a side effect. The speculation that Finn is a Han like character, not actually in the resistance but aligned with them could still work also.

As we linked to in the Recap this week MakingStarWars podcast – Now this is Podcasting  had a few spoilers about Finn and his role in The Last Jedi. The first is that Finn does go undercover pretending to be a First Order officer. I’m guessing the resistance is taking advantage of the fact that Finn would be very familiar with their operations and be able to fit in. Considering only those in charge of tracking Finn down and his former squad-mates would know what he looked like and that it’s unlikely the First Order is letting people know about a defector this is a relatively low risk assignment, for it being a spy mission. Its in this uniform that Finn run into Tom Hardy’s character. Its unclear as of right now if they knew each other previously but the indications are they did and Tom Hardy believes that Finn was given a promotion. Hopefully Finn plays it off better than when he lied to Rey about being in the Resistance.

Next up is that it appears that Finn is undercover to plant some explosives. We don’t know where this is but I think it must be a world that was once in the Republic and is now controlled by the First order. Then again I could be wrong and it is a First Order “home world” but I seriously doubt it. Call it a gut feeling but I think this movie will be more about the Resistance resisting rather than taking an offensive posture.

Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s character on the “spacehorse”

And we also find out that instead of Finn and Kelly Marie Tran being on the run they are chasing someone on the Casino planet we saw represented in photos from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Since the photos have Finn wearing the Resistance jacket he got from Poe I am going to assume that this chase is on a different planet than the one Finn goes undercover on. In fact I would say that Finn goes undercover, perhaps blows something up, and gets information, THEN he goes to the Casino planet. This even hints at two possible directions for Kelly Marie Tran’s character. She is either Finn’s Resistance “handler” on the mission or he meets her on the planet he goes undercover on, she helps him and he takes her with him.

Kelly Marie Tran

So Finn will go undercover, plant explosives, and end up with a female companion that he goes on what is essentially a car chase with… Is he James Bond? Cause it sounds like he’s James Bond. Ok maybe that is an exaggeration but he does seem to be heading towards a spy/undercover saboteur direction. This would push Finn’s character in a direction we haven’t seen yet in Star Wars and it would be a very interesting development. Much how Obi-wan was an investigator in Attack of the Clones working alone Finn will seemly have an arc that has him operating without the other main or established characters to obtain an objective. This to me is not only very exciting it’s another chance for Star Wars to grow and allow the character to grow into a new role.

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