Weekly Star Wars Recap #80: March 6th, 2017

That’s right, Star Wars aficionados. We’re back to give you the latest and greatest Star Wars news and to give our own 2 cents. This week is no different, so let’s get to it.

Donnie Yen shares shot from deleted Rogue One scene

Wish these moments were kept because it’s good! #donnieyen #甄子丹 #rogueone #starwars #chirrutimwe #lucasfilm

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There it is, folks. It’s from a moment, looks like on Eadu. This could be when Chirrut says “The Force moves darkly around someone who is about to kill…”. This could be before Jyn heads out of the ship. It’s also possible this is after they return and on their way out. Chirrut could be asking forgiveness from the Force for shooting down that plane. That said, we’ve never seen anyone do that in any movie.

Finn might say some strange words in The Last Jedi.

Hard to say what this is, but the word “Bio-Hexacrypt” might be part of some bizarre dialogue in TLJ. That, or it could be “like” a word that was said. It definitely looks like it would be a word for a grave or tomb in the Star Wars galaxy. I could see this as being part of some classic Star Wars dialogue if done properly. Another idea is that the bio-hexacrypt is the bacta suit MSW mentioned before or what he was in before the bacta suit.

Han Solo filming on Fuerteventura

StarWarsNewsNet reports that a previous article of theirs has been confirmed. Back in January, they told us that there would be filming on the Canary Islands. We reported on this too back in January. This island sounds pretty cool and translates to “Strong Fortune”. Great name for on-location shots for a space-pirate movie.


Michael K. Williams joins the Han Solo cast, possibly as a villain

Numerous outlets including JediNews, MakingStarWars, and Variety have reported that Michael K. Williams has been cast in a “key role”. Juston Kroll speculates that this is a villain, but no clear evidence of that. Looking at this past roles it only seems pretty diverse. Although he did play “Satan” in Lucas Bros Moving Co due to his deep, gravely voice. That kind of vocal performance could be good for a villain.

EDIT: This news about Michael K. Williams has been confirmed this morning by StarWars.com!

Rebels will return for a fourth season

StarWars.com reports that the crew will be back for a fourth season. There has been a lot of worry it seems over Sabine leaving the crew of the Ghost. I for one feel pretty confident she will be back, if not at the end of season 3, it will be at the end of season 4. I know most fans are eagerly awaiting something delivered on Obi Wan Kenobi in the Season 3 finale. After last season, there are big expectations to fulfill. The final two episodes look like will be aired March 11th and 18th.

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