Weekly Star Wars Recap #81: March 13th, 2017

These days, it can be tough to keep up with the latest Star Wars news. Right now, there is Rogue One coming out on Blu-ray, The Last Jedi due for reshoots this month, and Han Solo has begun filming. Let’s take a moment and catch ourselves up to the latest news in Star Wars. Spoilers ahead, so tread with caution.

Disney investors shown The Last Jedi footage

While there were many reporting on this Slashfilm has the most complete rundown here. There isn’t much we can add except holy cow do I wish i was there. The overall feeling seems very positive and it confirmed several of MSW’s earlier reports. The one thing it did highlight for me was the rush to judge by Star Wars fans. Once it was leaked that Luke says “Who are you?” everyone seemed convinced that meant Rey was not a Skywalker. Once the dust settled it looks like it could mean something else. This also happened after Rian Johnson Tweeted Last =Final here, He later clarified with a tweet stating the obvious, Last and Final are synonyms. We as fans have to be a little less gung-ho… Below is an imaging of what Rey looks like in the clips shown from MakingStarWars.net

From Makingstarwars tumblr

Three previews for Rebels final two episodes.

Rebels season three is finishing up and it appears we’ll getting the Obi-wan vs Maul(He better die already) battle and Thrawn will finally show us what he is made of.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding this episode and a lot of fear. The idea of the possibility of Ezra and the Ghost crew to be on Tatooine, and possibly meet Obi Wan Kenobi seems unsettling. This is the kind of small-universe story telling that often rubs people the wrong way. For example, @steelewars tweeted the following:

In my humble opinion (@davestrrr) I think we’ll be OK. I think Ezra has already seen the video of Kenobi on the Holocron. My guess is, and I could be wrong, they will only have Ezra seeing Kenobi, possibly fighting Maul, but Kenobi does not see Ezra. We’ll see how they play this one out.

Phasma has a new weapon?

According to MakingStarWars Phasma will be carrying a “staff” or “spear” this time around. They are not sure if its just ceremonial around Snoke or her weapon of choice for the entire film… Personally I hope its her weapon of choice with the goal of fighting Finn with her assuming he is carrying a lightsaber. As pointed out by SWU, we have only seen spears in Ewoks and the Imperial guards. However, if it is a staff, we’ve seen a lot of those. I’d love to see Rey go head-to-head against Phasma with a staff!

Frank Oz avoids the Yoda question

In an interview with Variety, Frank Oz was asked if he was going to be in the next Star Wars film. He basically replies with I can’t say anything about Star Wars until they tell me I can say something. Does that mean he is in it? No, but he  has been in contact with Lucasfilm at the very least about the subject. However, given that he appears to be legally bound to not say anything seems to err on the side of him being in the movie. That said, the movie is still in production, so we don’t know if whatever scenes there are will be cut or stay in the film. As mentioned by MakingStarWars, we heard back in April they reported that Frank Oz appeared to be recording in England. If you want our honest opinion, it is starting to look more and more likely that we will see a Force ghost Yoda in The Last Jedi.

Han Solo Filming in Fuerteventura

According to this report Han Solo production is getting the sets at Fuerteventura ready to begin shooting scenes. Some speculate that take place on Han’s previously unseen home-world of Corellia. I always imaged Corellia to be more city-like, and less of a dessert. My hunch is there will be a lot of planets in this one, so let’s not jump to conclusions just yet.

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