Weekly Star Wars Recap #85: April 10th 2017

Star Wars Celebration Orlando is this week! And with that rush of official news on the horizon the unofficial leaks have been pouring out. Lets jump into and remember spoilers ahead.

Good Morning America has an announcement tomorrow

GMA teased that they will have a big reveal tomorrow morning regarding the 40th anniversary panel. I doubt this will be as big as we hope as they tend to over-hype their Star Wars reveals with exception of the Rogue One trailer. We aren’t getting a trailer on GMA this time.

Name for Casino planet or City

MakingStarWars has this story about the name. Canto Bight is a very Star Warsy name and I like it. It seems like this is the correct name and not a code as SWNN brought up city idea linked to CBPD helmets we saw in the set photos from Dubrovnik. Only thing that is weird is the second word sounds like “bite”. Let’s hope it doesn’t.

More and Benicio Del Toro’s Character

MakingStarWars.net has this article leaking details about the character’s dress and ship. I wonder if he has been in “jail” for a while and that explains his dress. Its even possible that the mission is to rescue him as he has information on the First Order or Snoke. Or maybe he’s just a friend of opportunity that helps them break out and helps them get away. Possibly he was running a scam or hiding himself?

StarWarsNewsNet has a tidbit on what to expect from The Last Jedi trailer

This isn’t unexpected but I am glad to hear that we will be getting a “trailer” and not a short “teaser”. We’ll definitely have a lot to chew on very soon.

More on the Resistance and Laura Dern’s character

MakingStarWars has this report on Dern and Poe plus BB units! The idea the BB units look steam punk is odd to me. They are still new droids from what we can tell so why would they look old? I like the idea of Dern’s character right now. She brings in new ships and personnel and wants to be in charge, she sounds like she is from the Royal families that we learned about in Bloodline. I also look forward to Poe and her sort of duking it out for control. We know Poe is going to win that battle of wills but it should be fun to watch!

Art of Star Wars:TFA

More on Snoke and the First Order!

MSW(again) has this to say on Snoke. I really like the idea that Snoke has this opulence around him. From the fancy robes to the black kyber crystal ring Snoke is not a Sith or anything like Palpatine. That is a good thing! Then there are his Guards that described as similar and very different to the Royal Guards that the Emperor had in RotJ. Jason speculates that it may not even be the Knights of Ren that go with Kylo to face Luke but I think he is wrong. I suspect that Snoke’s Guards are his version of the Knights of Ren and Kylo has his own group(KoR) that are modeled after Snoke’s. It may even be a trait of Snoke’s order of Force user. It also appears that the First Order has their own BB units which are pretty cool sounding as is Kylo’s new personal TIE fighter. The last bit about Phasma actually doing something… I hope its cool.

via Prensaimperial.com

Another new Planet name!

MSW has this report. This is a planet name that has been introduced in the new canon.  It has a mine in the new canon which means this story is probably spot on. This planet’s surface would make for an amazing light saber battle.

Colin has finished the Episode IX draft

As you can read here. The draft is done and is moving to the revisions phase. The heavy lifting though is done which is great to hear. No doubt a draft is just a draft and will be edited, but the idea that the bulk of the story is done is quite intriguing.

Carrie Fisher will be Leia in Episode IX

According to Carrie Fisher’s brother Lucasfilm will be using previously shot footage to have her in Episode IX. I do hope they are able to resolve her character’s story and that this didn’t seriously change the course of the film.

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