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Last week on The Star Wars Show Andi and Anthony stressed that we would not want to miss the 40th anniversary panel. This has led to rampart speculation on what will be shown or discussed, from confirmation of Anakin in The Last Jedi to a slate released until 2030. I feel there’s only three options, a Last Jedi trailer, George Lucas showing up, or Obi-wan. Let’s talk about it.

First up is The Last Jedi trailer. While I am certain we will be getting that this week I think it’s more likely to be shown during the The Last Jedi panel. Showing it before that panel would take the wind out of the panel and kind of blow things up for the rest of the weekend. That’s doesn’t mean I’m right… It could also be a great way to kick things off and perhaps show a BTS reel for attendees of the Last Jedi panel which would be awesome. Right now I think this is the least likely scenario and not what I am hoping for.

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Next would be George Lucas making an appearance. This would be cool because he is the Maker, but I think IF he were to show up it would come with an announcement that fans would want to hear. What would that announcement be? One of two things. The Original trilogy, Prequels(where possible) remastered in 4k and being made available around Thanksgiving. Next would be a remastered Original trilogy without the added Special Editions scenes and effects. Now I think the first is much more likely to be what happens, we are unlikely to get de-specialized Star Wars ever again. I think this scenario is the most likely to happen on the panel.

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And finally, Obi-wan Kenobi, a name not heard in about for… two weeks. Let’s be honest the idea of seeing Obi-wan on Rebels got people extremely excited so we know the big screen idea will generate buzz. We know Ewan would be down to play Obi-wan. The only question is what story do they have to tell?

Here is what I expect the bones of the story to be. An Obi-wan tale set about ten years into his stay on Tatooine.  I believe we will get detective Obi-wan over Jedi Obi-wan and he will be the only Force user. I believe any story will bring in Owen Lars and Mos Eisley. This will be set up as a thriller type movie, where Rogue One was a war movie and Han Solo will likely be a heist film, this will continue the Star Wars Story films following the Marvel Method of film making. There will be a few call backs to A New Hope like Ben being a “wizard” and asking Owen to bring Luke to him to begin his training… perhaps wanting to give Luke his father’s lightsaber. A detective/mystery film could put Obi-wan searching for clues like he did in AotC, which was one of the best parts of that film. If the mystery at hand was tied to other Star Wars mythology, and the Force and a few Jedi tricks are used here and there, we could have a great film. To be honest this is one idea I would be most excited about seeing from the panel. A boy can dream right? Anybody have a firm location on Ewan btw?

There are plenty of other surprises that could happen, A teaser for the Han Solo movie, an announcement of a Bounty Hunter film, heck it could even be George saying he’s coming back to direct a Star Wars Story movie(I just came up with this idea and I love it) however the three above are the most likely to happen in my mind. I suspect even if we don’t get the announcement of an Obi-wan film this week, one is coming and we will get official word soon. I also expect that the OT will be released in 4k soon no matter what. And yes we will be getting a The Last Jedi trailer this week. No matter what this is going to be a great week for Star Wars.

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