The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer

Holy intense feelings Batman! Ok we got the trailer we were waiting for and boy did it deliver. We’re going to break it down and give you our thoughts on what each scene is and means!

Ok, before we jump in let me just say I love the poster. Davestrrr is on site at SWCO and was able to pick one up. He says it looks even better in person. The split between Luke and Kylo really gives us the idea that Rey is inbetween two options. I really can’t wait to see where that goes! Now on to the trailer.

We start very similar to the TFA trailer with one of our main characters breathing heavy and looking distressed. Awesome little call back, hopefully Poe or Kylo opening Episode IX trailer the same way. SO why is Rey like this? There have been rumors that Rey has another vision and I think this is the aftermath of that vision. We’ll get to what was in it soon.

Here we have Rey looking out over the water. While we can’t see anything I suspect that she is looking out there because she senses something. Perhaps Kylo and his crew? It’s also possible this is related to a confrontation with the Knights of Ren that sends Rey over a cliff. Narration from Luke saying “Breathe​, Just Breathe​”.

Rey is sitting with her legs crossed and the rocks begin to float. We heard about this from the investor’s meeting last month. Narration from Luke “Now Reach out, what do you see?” To be honest the second part “what do you see” sounds different from the “Breathe and now reach out”.  I wonder if its not another character or if they did what they did with Luke’s narration before where its not from the film. Perhaps only the what do you see is from the film. Mark Hamill did say he recorded voice over as they were setting up to watch the trailer.

Leia is overlooking the galaxy model here, probably representing what is under First Order control, Resistance control and undeclared. Narration from  Rey saying “Light” and right before that you can hear Leia say “Help me Obi-wan”.

This is Vader’s or Kylo’s helmet crushed. People were saying it was Kylo’s, but at least it appears to be in the same ashes that Vader’s was in before. Also I can see Kylo pitching a fit and accidentally crushing it or in a rage agianst his grandfather on purpose. Maybe Anakin’s Force-ghost comes for a visit?  Old Obi-wan says “Seduced by the Darkside” Narration from Rey “Darkness”. Some of these subtle added voiceovers like this Obi-wan voice were tough to hear live.

This appears to be books centered on what looks like the tree. I have seen everything from it being the Journal of the Whills to books from the original Jedi. I really like the idea that it’s connected to the Whills though that was supposed to be written at the end of time by the Whills… That would be still awesome if some new interpretation of that. We also have Yoda speaking in the background but its next to impossible to understand because of the volume of the soundtrack and the lack of volume from the voice.  I think it’s “the tree, the rock, everywhere.” and there are several on twitter that have come to the same conclusion. Hopefully we will get some clarification,

This again appears to be the books from before and that is the old Jedi symbol. Rey Narriation “The Balance”.

Rey is doing her montage training under Luke. And as an astute fan and Olympian, Cody Miller, on twitter said, what looks  like Yoda? Deep down I doubt it is Yoda but it sure as heck looks like it. See the tweet below The narriation from Rey (or Luke): It’s so much bigger

Next we have these speeders(?) racing across the plains of Crait, which MSW told us about here, and they are headed to the First Order walkers that are assaulting the Resistance base. I like the red that pops up from the ground. Its the “Mars” part of the equation Jason Ward mentioned.

Finn in his bubble/bacta/biohexacrypt suit getting healed. We learned about this from MSW a long time ago.

This is part of the assult on Crait where Poe and BB-8 try to get out there to help

But that ain’t happening! Poe’s beautiful black X-Wing… say goodbye. Also there are some A wings there too!

Obligatory Falcon fighting off TIE fighters. This confirms that the First Order finds Ahch-To and likely the scene of Kylo versus Rey is there.

Rey is running towards something with her lightsaber at the ready. I wonder if she is headed to fight Kylo? Maybe headed to the Tree that we hear is burned?

I really like how you can see the lightsaber reflecting in Kylo’s eyes. Also you can see his scar but it doesn’t look to bad, though the lower part of his face may be worse. Luke comes back with Narration “I only know one truth”.

This is another flashback. I believe this relates to Rey in the very first part of the trailer. This is the destruction of Luke’s Jedi trainees and a different angle from what we saw before in the TFA trailer and movie. Luke was obviously away when it happened.

Here is Phasma entering the Resistance base kinda like Vader did in Empire on Hoth… but honestly this looks more badass. I suspect/bope Phasma gets to do quite a bit more this time.

I believe that these are the ships that Laura Dern’s character Admiral Holdo brings to the Resistance. They look like the ships that were first mentioned in the Aftermath series and called  Nadiri Starhawks.

Luke: “It’s time for the Jedi to end.” Three theories here people. Luke wants to end all Jedi and give up on everything it once was let the chips fall where they may. Luke wants to move onto something else, something better than the Jedi and their ways. Finally… That the statement is incomplete and this is a misdirection. My gut says its the second, Jedi will evolve into something new. Rey will be the first of this new breed of Force-user that embrace the power of the balance of light and dark. It could be that balance is needed to overcome the powerful foe, like Snoke.

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