Weekly Star Wars Recap #86: April 17th 2017

It’s the Star Wars Celebration edition of the weekly recap. So a Celebration recap! Let get into it!

The full length Battlefront trailer


We don’t normally talk games but this one looks amazing. Plus it is going to have content from The Last Jedi and ties into what happens during and after the Aftermath stories. It looks like there will be content from all different timepoints in the Star Wars films, and more. A fight between Maul and Yoda suggests you can mix and match characters for fighting, but not sure about that one. This is a reminder of the fact that video games aren’t canon, although the are based on canon characters and take place within an otherwise canon world.

Daisy on Rey and Luke

Luke doesn’t know who Rey is… Let the speculation begin! Seriously this doesn’t change much in the theories of Rey being a Skywalker or not. Luke likely assumed his family, if he had one, was dead so he wouldn’t expect her to show up or recognize her.

Mark and Daisy’s talking about The Last Jedi

There are few interesting things here. First when Daisy read the script she went to Rian and had questions and concerns. Mark said he disagreed with what Rian was doing. That being said they both agreed that it unexpected and they think that is probably a good thing. This one is a real shocker. This is especially true since Mark had suggested before that Luke should turn to the dark side in Return of the Jedi. So what could it be that he opposes now? I think we should definitely keep in mind that this movie is going to be a cliff-hanger. What happens in this film will be resolved in IX, so we shouldn’t take what happens as the final take. It could very well be that the events of Episode IX overturn whatever Mark was worried about.

Rian also says the Rey’s parents will be addressed in the film but left it so it may not be answered. Daisy still thinks that the answer is there in The Force Awakens and its addressed but not answered in The Last Jedi. I agree with Daisy. Rey is a Skywalker, its why the lightsaber went to her, its why the Force flows through her. The answer is there, it’s just not hitting you over the head. That said, it’s important to remember that Daisy isn’t the superfan that John Boyega is, so her thinking she’s a Kenobi or Palpatine is unlikely as that would not be where her mind goes. She might think more like a casual fan, and see Luke as the obvious option.

Carrie Fisher WON’T be in Episode IX

If KK says, it then it is true. I think they possibly asked the family in case they needed to and the family said yes but after the draft was finished Lucasfilm knew it would not be needed. I think in the end, this may be the best solution. This allows them to present The Last Jedi as it was originally intended, and there is still plenty of time for any necessary alterations to Episode IX to be made.

Kelly Marie Tran is Rose!

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It was confirmed that KMT would be Rose in The Last Jedi a maintenance worker that joins Finn on his mission. Not sure if she has knowledge that they need or just gets sucked into the adventure but the idea of a double agent now seems unlikely. For example, she could have witnessed something that threw her into the action in a critical role.

Rebel Final Season Trailer

The final season of Rebels… Hopefully we will learn their fate and there won’t be any pulled punches, but I doubt it. This looks really good, but I lack faith… of course I will probably still watch it and hope that things really are as dark as they can be. This season has tremendous potential to tie to Rogue One, A New Hope, and establish some characters for the next Star Wars cartoon. Heck, there are even chances to connect to the sequel trilogy, all while completing the story of the main Rebels crew. Given that we only know that Hera and Chopper survive and stay with the rebellion, the stakes can be raised with a real danger posed to the other heroes.

Forces Of Destiny!

A series of shorts that are focused around the leading women of Star Wars? Yes please! And can we make it a full series? Maybe please? I’m probably going to watch Rebels just so I can see these.

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