Weekly Star Wars Recap #87: April 24th 2017

Still reeling over Celebration? I know I am, I must have watched the teaser 100 times or more. Last week was probably the biggest week for Star Wars news in a long time. A long time. Fortunately the news just keeps coming! Lets jump into and warning spoilers ahead.

Prequel Era character in Han Solo?

Quinlan Vos, The Clone Wars. Lucasfilm

According to MakingStarWars.net they received information that there is a character named Dryden Vos listed as a main character in the upcoming Han Solo movie. Now if that names sounds familiar Vos is the Surname of the Jedi Quinlan Vos who was a fan favorite and George Lucas favorite. MSW speculates that they are one and the same. I suspect they are right, as they usually are. So there will perhaps be a Jedi in the Han Solo movie, how that fits with Han’s feelings on the Force I am not sure. The article brings up some exciting connections to the canceled live action Star Wars Underworld TV show scripts.

Turns out those weren’t Starhawks

We speculated that the ships we saw in the teaser last week were Starhakws, turns out we were wrong. I wonder if these are the B-wings MSW talked about or yet another new ship?

The birds on Ahch-to

MakingStarWars.net has this report on the birds we see hanging out with Luke and Rey.  It appears Chewbacca gets in on the bird action and there will be an emotional reunion between Chewie and Luke. I like this quite a bit and its the closest we are going to get to a Han and Luke reunion. Of course, we’re still hoping to someday have an animated series between Episode VI and Episode VII to expand on the further adventures of Han, Leia, and Luke.

Kylo’s Scar

Rian Johnson has admitted he changed the location of the facial wound because it looked better once it was moved. That alone tells me this is his film and he is telling the story he wanted to tell.

Rian also went on the point out the many other changes that have been made in Star Wars. Will this mean that we’ll get a “special edition” The Force Awakens blu-ray that has a digitally altered lightsaber wound on Kylo’s face?

Episode IX read through and more

StarWarsNewnet is reporting that Kathleen Kennedy and other executives will be going over the Episode IX script and planning out what movies will be green lit into production. Its too early to speculate what the repsonse to the new script will be and I am sure they will be looking at fan desire when planning out the films along with what stories they want to tell. I’m still hoping on some Old Republic tales! Looking at the interest of the internet, there is an obsession with an Obi Wan movie. Recall that Anthony Breznican said something about them “Not being done with that character” in an interview with Rebel Force Radio. Others have wondered if there will be a series geared toward an older audience, such as a prime time ABC type show. It’ll be exciting to hear officially what they have in store, and hopefully we’ll get some details even before then. It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. Until next time.

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