Weekly Star Wars Recap #89: May 8th 2017

Another week another recap and the news is really starting to come in. We’re actually getting images from The Last Jedi. Let’s jump right in and get to breaking it down, remember as always spoilers ahead.

Making Star Wars has leaked an image of Kylo Ren’s ship.


You can read their article here. It looks like a more modern version of Vader’s TIE fighter, with some elements of the Jedi Starfighter from RotS. I like that we are getting new ships in The Last Jedi and that Kylo is taking initiative. Him in a fighter… I kind of hope we get a Vader vs Rebels from Rebels moment where Kylo just going nuts killing people. With the helmet destroyed, it makes me wonder…will Kylo’s helmet be destroyed after he flies this or before. If before, what sort of headgear will he wear while flying?

StarWarsNewsNet has a new leak of information regarding some new toys!

Lucasfilm: The Clone Wars

You can read it here. Another great source for leaks has always been the merchandising aspect. They never have the same security. The code names are of course not certain but based on the information we have leaked the speculation makes sense. It all sounds really cool. One that really stood out is Qui-gon Jinn. The timing for brining out a new Qui-gon figure seems odd. Here’s hoping we’ll see a Qui-gon Force ghost in the ST.

Rian Johnson requested to have R2D2 on Ahch-To


You can read it here. If there is one complaint with JJ its that he fell in love with his inventions for TFA. R2 and C3PO should have had more to do in my mind and Rian having him replace BB-8 with R2 makes a lot of sense. This places R2D2, Chewie, Luke, on Ahch-To along with Rey. This puts some of the main, most well-loved principles from the OT in The Last Jedi.

New character names for Han Solo spin-off

MakingStarWars again has this story here. Nothing on the character development side but hey info is new info. They all sound like smugglers and miscreants to me! Rebolt sounds interesting, and could shed some light on who Ian Kenny is playing, which we reported on a while back. Not much light because we still don’t know who he is. Nevertheless, we suspect he is some sort of underworld character, about the same age as Han. Could be a source of conflict for Han at some point in the film.

Space horse has a name

We’ve reported on the spacehorse going back to about a year ago. You can read this one here.  Nothing special here but still cool to learn. The spacehorse will be called a “falthier”. To me, it sounds too much like “father”–only two letters different. We’ll see how it’s pronounced.

Possible name of Benicio del Toro’s character?

Take this one with a grain of salt. However, it appears some news outlets are reporting on the name of Benicio del Toro’s character, and connects him to the Millennium Falcon and Han Solo. Seems kind of unlikely, but who knows.


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