Vanity Fair: The Last Jedi

As predicted by many this week Vanity Fair rolled out their Last Jedi issue. Yesterday we were treated to the cover of the magazine which included Kelly Marie Tran making her the FIRST Asian woman on the cover of Vanity Fair. It also included an unmasked Phasma along side Kylo Ren and General Hux. Today we have been treated to the their full length article on the movie and this article with tidbits from Pablo Hidalgo. We’re going to break down what we’ve learned and what we THINK it means. As always potential spoilers ahead.

One of the first things we get confirmed is that Finn will be in a bacta suit to begin the film and won’t be healthy for a portion of the film. Them calling it a bacta suit means our speculation that bio-hexacrypt is its name is likely wrong, or at least there is more to it. The article goes on to say that Finn and Rose(Kelly Marie Tran’s character) will be behind enemy lines making me think that Reddit user WampaClown is on the right path here with it being a security measure.

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. Vanity Fair

Related to them being behind enemy lines is the location Casino Canto Bight (the name of which confirms earlier leaks from MakingStarWars). It is described as “a playground, basically, for rich assholes” and Pablo describes the people there as the wealthy elite that are able to be above or excluded from the Galactic war and struggles. Knowing that and what we learned about the First Order getting funding from various wealthy people in the Republic in the book Bloodline it isn’t a leap to say that there may be some ties to these people and the First Order and how they fund themselves. How that helps Finn and Rose I’m not sure yet but I wonder if Del Toro’s character comes into play here?

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. Vanity Fair

Speaking of Del Toro, his character is only referred to as “DJ” by the filmmakers and according the article goes unnamed in the film. So the character has no name and is a creation of Johnson’s, according to the article, but we will know why he is called DJ once we see the movie. That gives me three ideas, he is either literally a DJ, he is a “creature starts with a D”(or reminds one of a dinosaur?) Jockey riding them in races, or DJ are the initials of what he is, thought to be Dead Jedi, Darth J, Dark Jedi(not a real thing) etc… He’s considered a shady character no matter what so I’m sure it will be right in Del Toro’s wheelhouse.

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. Vanity Fair

The other new characters Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Holdo and Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico, have very little revealed about them. We do learn that Holdo’s appearence is related to her culture and I wonder she is from the same planet as Ransolm Casterfo or from the Royal Families like Lady Carise Sindian both from Bloodline. As far Rose we already knew she was going to be with Finn for the film but we learn that she has sister in the film Paige, played by Veronica Ngo, who Poe is seen giving training to as a gunner.

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. Vanity Fair

Speaking of Poe, Oscar revealed there was a scene where Leia slaps him, no idea why but my guess is its either Luke or Kylo related. Poe will also have scenes with Luke according to Oscar Issac and that likely means so does Leia. We will likely get to see the twins reunited. Then there is this quote from the story:

Fisher completed her part in Episode VIII late last summer, when principal photography on the film wrapped. “She was having a blast,” said Kennedy. “The minute she finished, she grabbed me and said, ‘I’d better be at the forefront of IX!’ Because Harrison was front and center on VII, and Mark is front and center on VIII. She thought IX would be her movie. And it would have been.”

They have made it seem as though they have decided to rewrite IX to eliminate the Leia role after Carrie’s death. I can not agree with this choice as I wrote about previously as did others and its picking up steam. In short while Carrie is gone the character should live on. Heck hire Meryl Streep Carrie’s good friend to finish the job or any other older actress that can do the part justice. I am certain there are plenty that consider Carrie a friend and would consider it an honor to play Leia in her absence.

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. Vanity Fair

Finally we learn that Phasma wasn’t decided to be human until The Last Jedi. It does appear that we will see her without her helmet, her staff folds down so it can be clipped to her belt and her past will be revealed in a comic. I like the idea of a hands on physical Phasma, hopefully she and Finn get into a tussle.

Before we go let me just say kudos to MakingStarWars, once again they are nailing it on the spoiler front. Read here to see just how much is already confirmed.

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