Weekly Star Wars Recap #92: May 29th 2017

Another week, another bunch of leaks confirmed by the Vanity Fair article and more. Let’s jump in and sort through what we learned, spoilers ahead.

Finn’s Blaster in The Last Jedi

Proud owner of Finn’s blaster ! Thanks to @riancjohnson !

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In a recent instagram post, John Boyega has shared his blaster. It looks kind of  traditional, but with some blue LEDs on the side. It looks pretty cool. It does also sort of point to Finn being more of a blaster-wielding Resistance fighter as opposed to moving toward using a lightsaber.

Rumor of Luke/Leia Reunion in TLJ surfaces.

A post on the cantina forums over at SWNN has The Futurition claim that:

Pablo Hidalgo who is at Comi-Con Chile, being Chilean and all (like me) just confirmed a little earlier, told the crowd at the panel that Luke and Leia will have scenes together in The Last Jedi.

However, through some updates at SWNN, it appears that other people in attendance didn’t get this impression, and Pablo himself chimed in on twitter saying he didn’t say it this way. More commenting on the “connection” that Luke and Leia have, which could have been confused in translation as them actually meeting in the film. In the end, we are back to square one. While these events don’t rule out the possibility of a Luke/Leia reunion at some point in TLJ, it certainly casts major doubt on Pablo saying such a thing. However in the Vanity Fair article last Oscar Issac also said something about scenes with Mark Hamill and that most of his scenes are with Carrie Fisher, which suggests that Luke and Leia will be reunited on screen.

Image of “Gorilla Walker” has surfaced.

Redditor Totoro10101 has posted the above image revealing some new detail on the walkers seen in TLJ. We get a faint glimpse of these walkers in the teaser for TLJ:


Making Star Wars leaked some details on these walkers a while back, and it looks like they were right again. I think the design is fantastic. I think it’s very Star Wars and a natural progression from what we’ve see in past films. After all, much of the episodic saga has been about military technology getting more and more advanced, and these new walkers are no exception. Tow cables won’t bring these things down due to their added stability, hence the red dust smoke screen strategy see in the teaser image above.

One more point is that it appears that Rey is seen running by the Walker with her lightsaber. However, given past reports that Rey might not even leave Ahch-To, it seems odd to have her on Crait. However, it’s important to remember that these types of toy box images often have nothing to do with the story of the film, so we shouldn’t jump to that conclusion without more evidence.

Snoke’s clothes leaked in Lego image

Chalk up another one for Making Star Wars. They released some details about Snoke’s clothes back in early April, with the key detail that he looks more regal and less like the Emperor. This appears to be confirmed in some new images seen of Lego toys seen in this Reddit post. Snoke’s outfit is sort of gold or orange, a far cry from the black robes seen in The Force Awakens.  MSW describes Snoke’s outfit as a silky robe with ornate patterns. So what does this say about Snoke’s character? We might see the blurring of light and dark in a way, with more Snoke’s intentions being revealed. In other words, it could suggest that Snoke is being depicted visually as more moderate and less “Sith-like”, and at the same time, some of his intentions may begin to seem more believable. This goes back to the old quote from Adam Driver about “The idea of two sides thinking that they’re both right“. Meaning the characters not being purely “evil”, but just feeling that they are “right” and having conflicting goals.

In a very interesting way, the Jedi in the sequel trilogy have a lot in common with the Sith in The Phantom Menace. Sort of coming back from extinction, with those in power trying to prevent them from coming back to mess everything up.

Quote from David Kamp provides details on story focus.

So this doesn’t confirm anything, it definitely allows for the possibility of some romance building up for something bigger in Episode IX. Given the story details we’ve heard, it seems like the most likely scenario is Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s character, Rose, having some flirtatious moments. The big question is what sort of on-screen chemistry these two will have. Presumably, if this is a story line they considered, the actress playing Rose would be selected for good on screen chemistry with the existing cast. So, to some extent this quote suggests they will  “play it by ear” to see if the chemistry develops, or if the story makes sense to go in that direction.


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