Weekly Star Wars Recap #93: June 5th 2017

This week we have few new bits of information from MakingStarWars and leaks via Lego. Lets jump into the new info and remember spoilers ahead!  

Elite Praetorian Guards of The Last Jedi

By Lumberjack Nick via MakingStarWars.net

This article from MSW has an artist’s rendition of one Elite Praetorian Guard.  I’m getting the feeling that these are almost like Snoke’s version of the Knights of Ren and at the same time his version of the Imperial guards. These are well trained warriors that use melee weapons and can effectively fight Jedi. Jason speculates that the designs are left over Kylo Ren designs like the Knights of Ren were so to me the idea that they are related or based off of each other meshes, with some Imperial guards thrown in.

New Speeder and Storm Trooper

This is from the Han Solo movie set showing us another look for Storm Troopers. Its unclear however likely that this is related to the images of the “race” from earlier leaked images. No one yet knows if the empire/this trooper is participating or attempting to stop the race… My gut says stop the race.

More Han Solo Set Pics

From StarWarsNewsNet

StarWarsNewsnet.com has this article with tons of set pics from  Fuerteventura. There is speculation that this is Tatooine however there is no information one way or another if that is true or not. I don’t think it looks like Tatooine myself however considering we know Han works for Jabba(at least eventually) and Jabba is on Tatooine it would  not be a surprise or a bad thing. Han being there does not make the universe “smaller” in my opinion. SWNN also followed up with this article that walks through the experiences of a fan that visited the island. The photo above is from that article and looks amazing. We have a mixture of Mad Max with some clear Star Wars notes in there, like the moisture vaporators. This could very well be another part of the planet where the speeder races are taking place. This is such a cool vibe to have this desert wasteland, with some high-tech speeder races taking place. This is going to be a grittier version of the pod race, and possible the pod race that many fans have longed for.

Rian Johnson on TLJ being too derivative

First I think the statement that TFA was a remake of ANH is a stretch. It has some familiar beats but not a remake that people love to claim it is. We also know it was designed to be safe, I don’t think we are getting safe from Rian and that is a very good thing. Also, it’s worth pointing out that Star Wars has always been about parallels and mirroring. Therefore, we should expect some small amount of mirroring, just not an exact remake. I hope that if there is some small amount of mirroring that people won’t freak out and put it down.

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