Weekly Star Wars Recap #94: June 12th, 2017

Happy summer, Star Wars fans! We’ve got a lot of news coming in from Battlefront II and The Last Jedi and beyond. Let’s get right to it! Remember spoilers ahead.

New Image Leaks for The Last Jedi!

This one comes from StarWarsNewNet, and MakingStarWars, who were reporting a posting from Templo Jedi Aztlan on Facebook. The image include what looks like theĀ Praetorian Guards we mentioned last week and that were first mentioned by MSW. Definitely looks very Star Wars. A bit of the Imperial guards and a bit of the Ninja droids.

The other one that really caught my eye was the Gorilla Walkers. Props go to MakingStars for again nailing this one long ago. This image really shows the “gorilla” aspect of these new First Order Walkers. Pretty freaking cool. This is, I guess, why the Resistance resorts to turning up red dirt into the air to block the vision of these things, because tow-cables won’t work.

Official Battlefront II Trailer!

Lots of cools stuff here. A huge battle on Theed in Naboo. Some sort of robotic avatar for the Emperor…Rey vs Kylo Ren, Yoda vs Maul. This one is shaping up to be an amazing game for Star Wars fans! Also, check out the Full Panel video from E3!

Pictures of Rey’s new lightsaber surfaced?

In a reddit post of some images from Battlefront 2, a possible sketch of Rey’s new lightsaber has emerged. The image actually contains a sketch of the saber hilt, indicated with the red arrow above. The saber actually looks like Luke’s second saber, or possibly Obi-wan’s saber. However this is an alpha build which means there are likely placeholders and mistakes, we probably shouldn’t read too much into it.

Donald Glover sporting a Lando mustache

With my buddy #Donald Glover in Spain

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This one isn’t too surprising. In a recent instagram post from Woody Harrelson, we got a good glimpse at Glover’s facial hair.

Thandie Newton speaks about Han Solo

In an interview with Oprah, actress Thandie Newton has stated that the Han Solo film has defied her expectations. She hasn’t said much beyond that, but it definitely bodes well for the movie. Thandie is thrilled to be part of the Star Wars films, and seems to treat the role with great love.

Rumor of the next Star Wars “spin-off” film director.

Director Edgar Wright, Photo by John Shearer

TheForce.net has brought to our attention an article from CNET. Edgar Write, who is known for directing Hot Fuzz and Sean of the Dead, as well as directing the new filmĀ “Baby Driver”. His still is unique, blending fast-paced action and comedy. He could do it. I’m guessing he redefined himself for this new movie, and caught the eye of Disney. Could be pretty cool. However Edgar has shot down the rumor on social media, but that could just mean nothing is finalized.

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