Weekly Star Wars Recap #95: June 19th, 2017

Another week another recap! Not a whole of breaking news here but we did get some confirmation of earlier news. Spoilers ahead!

Trevorrow asked for a scene to be shot!

The Happy Sad Confused Podcast on MTV  asked if Colin Trevorrow asked for any small changes like Rian did of JJ. He did ask for a small scene to be shot at a specific location so it could be a part of Episode IX. I’m guessing it is something on one of the Irish locations that might be difficult to shoot for Episode IX. Or maybe I misunderstood what was being said and its just a scene to set up something.

Lego figures confirm MakingStarWars leaks.

Legos! We’ve got tons of Lego leaks. DeltaCustoms over on Instagram has several leaked images from upcoming The Last Jedi Lego images that confirm the details of several MSW leaks.

Hah. Finn looks scared, the First Order officer guy looks confused…I’m surprised about how blue Snoke’s eyes are! We knew they were blue, but this leaves no white in his eyes. However, if you’ll notice Lego doesn’t put any white around the pupils of characters, so don’t read too much into this. Also, check out this Stormtrooper figure here and Kylo Ren here!

Daniel Logan in Boba Fett costume

OK, so this is a minor one, but Attack of the Clones actor Daniel Logan was seen wearing an adult Boba Fett costume!


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