Weekly Star Wars Recap #96: June 24th, 2017

Hello everybody in StarWars world. We hope you’re having a good summer, unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, in which case good winter! Phew with that awkward greeting out of the way, let’s get to the latest and greatest Star Wars news…

Ron Howard picked complete Han Solo, replacing Lord and Miller

Unless you were under a rock last week, you probably already know that legendary director Ron Howard has been selected to complete the untitled Han Solo film after the firing of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.  It’s pretty hard to complain about this choice. Ron Howard certainly understands Star Wars. Fans might recall he wrote a letter to Newsweek for criticizing Jake Loyd before TPM came out.  Although it might have been simpler to have Lawrence Kasdan finish it, it turns out the that Director’s Guild of America rules prevent this from happening. Either way, Ron Howard is more than up to the task. I have no doubt he will work with Kasdan, Kennedy and crew to get this thing done right. Howard will add some gravitas that will balance the comedic stylings of Lord and Miller, and hopefully produce a very well-rounded flick. Check out our article from last week on what this change really means.

New The Last Jedi trailer soon?

A new 1 minute 31 second trailer has been posted to the BBFC site. No other information is given about the trailer, but it appears to be distinct from the original teaser we already saw. Some people have pointed out that D23 is in 17 days, making this a prime venue for releasing the trailer, with a simultaneous online release to be expected.

Rian Johnson interview on Talkhouse Podcast

Check out this interview with Rian Johnson and Lily Amirpour.  There’s a lot of details on the film making process, and importantly, Rian mentions that post-production of TLJ will end in August.


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