Weekly Star Wars Recap #97: July 5th, 2017

Welcome back, Star Wars fans. We took a quick respite for the 4th of July, and we’re back to bring you all the Star Wars news fit to print. Let’s begin.

We may have to wait for the second The Last Jedi trailer

Recent reports suggest that the new trailer we reported on last week won’t be at San Diego Comic Con, and others state that it will not be at D23 either. The good news is that we may see some behind the scenes footage, which to me is just as good. BTS shots can give as much if not more information. However, you have to use your imagination as to how they will actually look on screen. I am a little surprised we won’t be getting a trailer at D23 though, that seems like a good venue.

Adam Driver talks out about “new rules” for Star Wars in The Last Jedi

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Adam Driver sheds some light on the impact that Rian Johnson’s film will have on the saga. In particular, he states that

I said what Rian had written was remarkable. He created new rules for the “Star Wars” universe and balanced the familiar and unfamiliar very adeptly while respecting that his audience can handle ambiguity. Which you can see in his previous films. Characters and story are his priority. [bold added for emphasis]

This description sounds fantastic. It could be controversial for some, but for most fans it will probably be cool.

New Lego figures for Vice Admiral Holdo

We’ve got some new leaks of Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, and some possible insight into what she will look like. The outfit seems to be gray, and different from the image we’ve seen:

Vanity Fair

Perhaps the lego one is her “military” look and the Vanity Fair is her “politician” look.

Forces of Destiny episodes are now out!

Get to youtube quick! There is one episode, and another one now released for Forces of Destiny. These two episodes essentially fill-in the gaps of The Force Awakens with some stories of Rey and BB-8. The episodes definitely remind me of Samurai Jack, and I see some animation tricks similar to that of the Tartakovsky Clone Wars shorts. These are going to be pretty cool, and will be some thing to tide us over until Rebels and The Last Jedi. What I really liked was it shows Rey softening up to BB-8 making you understand why she kept him when she was offered so much food. Its another dynamic to the character and I can’t wait to see the rest.

Pablo breaks down “Canon”

Read the this thread and you will understand how Lucasfilm looks at canon. I know he says this is just his opinion but I suspect MOST of the Story group and higher ups feel this way. Its honestly a refreshing way to think about this and I think  we really should bot pay attention to the minutia that we as fans get wrapped up in.


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