Weekly Star Wars Recap #98: July 10th, 2017

Last week was a very good week to be a Star Wars fan. We got several new episodes of Forces of Destiny and some news sprinkled in here and there. So lets take a look and see what has developed.

Forces of Destiny


First here are the links to the 8 Episodes. Sands of Jakku, BB-8 Bandits, Ewok Escape, The Padawan Path, Beasts of Echo Base, The Imposter Inside, The Stranger, and Bounty of Trouble. What I liked about all of these is the felt like cuts scenes from the films and TV shows. The only one I didn’t like is also the on that seems like an exception to being a cut scene, The Stranger. It was just not a well done idea, the Imperial Storm troopers are sent to collect cats? Surely they have animal control and wouldn’t send soldiers? Besides that little story the rest are great tales that remind me of the Original Clone Wars cartoons that were released during the build up to Revenge of the Sith.

Rian Johnson Confirms he will be at D23

This likely means SOMETHING will be shown at D23. My guess is a BTS but there is still hope that a trailer will make an appearance. We can also expect some sort of interview with Rian, and possibly a few nuggets of info there. The behind the scenes footage is a great compromise for the trailer. It will give us a ton of material to look over all the same.

Dave Filoni drops a Rebels cut scene.

Basically Ahsoka and the Bendu met, and had a little discussion that of course has led to a ton of speculation on what it actually means. Did Ahsoka die or not? This doesn’t help Dave. Clearly left intentionally ambiguous especially in light of Filoni’s shirt saying “Ahsoka Lives”. Its also possible that she could have transformed somehow, sort of like how some Jedi can become Force ghosts, but perhaps she changed into a Force ghost or to something…else. This would fit the word “change” from the Bendu, but also leave the nature of it unknown.

TMZ gets photos and video from Han Solo set


You can see it here. Lost to speculate about here but it appears we see Woody Harrelson’s character and possibly Emilia Clarke’s. Plus a shot of Han and Chewie. Is that an Ewok on display in the video clip?

R2D2 scene described by Making Star Wars

Head over to MSW for a drawing of a scene described to them by one of their sources. One of the porgs lands on R2’s head for a cute moment.

JediNews.UK has a tidbit from the upcoming HASCON.

Read it here. It appears that a trailer will be shown there. Its unclear if it will be a new trailer or the previously released one. My gut says since this is in September it will be a new trailer. Or at least I hope so. However, given that it is mentioned so nonchalantly at the end, makes me think this isn’t the new trailer. People would buy tickets just for Hascon for the sole purpose of seeing the trailer if they announced such a thing.

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