There’s someFinn happening

While we did not get a trailer at D23 we did get a ton of new information and confirmation of several things as well. I’m going to focus on Finn today and what we can speculate and confirm based on the snippets we saw. Potential spoilers ahead.

First thing first lets look at this interview from ExtraTV starting at the 1 minute mark.

John Boyega confirms that Finn has a big fight against an adversary. There was mention of him fighting Phasma according to reports from D23 or at least that is what was being hinted at. I can not find confirmation of him specifically fighting Phasma, but it certainly makes the most sense given her opportunity for revenge. However, let’s keep it open and for now lets just say he is has a fight with a “ferocious opponent”. This could be a large alien like the on that slams his hands down on the casino table in the BTS or it could be a very angry Phasma. My money is actually on the alien, saving Phasma for IX. Part of that is the nature of Finn’s injuries looks more like an alien attack, revealed in the following image:

The next bit from the interview above is Daisy saying that her and Finn are reunited which is supported by this screen grab of the BTS. Now obviously they appear to be “playing around” but its likely that they were there shooting at the same time because this salt-flat planet, Crait, is where they meet up:

Finn’s pants are green here and it appears in the other shots of him from both Vanity Fair and trailer/BTS when he is wearing his jacket and white shirt he has on blue pants. This tells me it is yet another costume change which is likely after he goes undercover and comes back.

We got confirmation that Finn would be undercover with Rose at a First Order base/ship. They both look serious and likely are on their way to their objective. This being Star Wars the plan will likely fall apart and their exit will be much more hectic.

These three shots are set on Canto Bight and confirms yet another rumor about Finn and Rose. They will be in jail for a short time. We know this doesn’t happen when Finn and Rose infiltrate the First Order because their costumes. Its doubtful Rose and Fin would bring a change of clothes with them to a First Order base/Ship. The next is Finn patting a kid on the arm, I suspect Finn does something nice for kids. And finally a shot of the casino.

Next we have two more shots that need further explanation:


The first of these two shots is likely not long after Finn is up and he and Rose are planning  their mission with Poe. Rose’s technical knowledge will be of use and Finn’s knowledge of the First Order’s inner workings make them a perfect team. The final picture is likely from the final battle of the film. Obviously that is just me speculating but I think it will be all hands on deck and Finn makes a heck of a gunner.

This all adds up to an arc for Finn that we can say is confirmed. Finn wakes up and sets into motion a plan. This leads them to Canto Bight, possibly a fight, running from the Canto Bight Police and then arrest. From there Finn goes undercover into a First Order strong hold. After he acquires what he was looking for, he and Rose head back to the Resistance. There he fights with them and is reunited with Rey on Crait. Sounds like Finn is big deal now.

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