Weekly Star Wars Recap #99: July 24th, 2017

Hey hey we are back with the recap and SDCC had a boat load of goodies for us! Lets jump in and see what we’ve learned. Spoilers ahead!

Toy leaks galore!

Poe!   Elite Praetorian Guard!   Ski Speeder! I know I saw more but can’t find them all. I really like the close up look of these Praetorian guards. They look like they are samurai inspired bad guys. I’m not a big fan of the name Ski Speeder but it does confirm that the shot from the BTS of Poe in a ship is the Ski Speeder and not another vehicle. There is a sort of stylized simplicity with these Praetorian Guards that reminds me of Samurai Jack for some reason.

The Books of The Last Jedi

There will be a huge amount of tie-in books for The Last Jedi. You can get the whole list on StarWars.com. I’m really happy to see Jason Fry getting the opportunity to do the novelization. He does a good job of writing Luke, and the movie seems to have a focus on him.

Leia and Kylo together?

Over on Tumblr site “Jedi Whine Trick”, we find this image that appears to be Kylo and Leia in the same shot. You can see Carrie Fisher’s eye unmistakably to the left of the guy on the left hand side. This suggests the possibility of a very important exchange between Kylo Ren and Leia. It looks like they might be reviewing the footage, and perfecting a scene.

This appears to be correct. In the post, they also have an image they think is Snoke and DJ (Benicio Del Toro’s character), but I think its actually Finn and DJ. They claim there is hand, but this is disputed by others online. Leia and Kylo together, however … I like it.

The Last Jedi Poster Concepts.

Over at Making Star Wars the have this article on some poster concepts seen at SDCC. They all sound pretty cool but I really like that last one.

Kylo Ren’s ship

The Star Wars show confirms Kylo Ren’s special TIE ship. Looks pretty cool and I suspect we will see him take out a few resistance fighters. Seems like a cool design and I expect we’ll see some amazing space battles demonstrating that being Han Solo’s son has gifted Kylo Ren with amazing piloting skills.

X-wing under water

This is from the pinball leak that came out two weeks ago and was somehow missed. We have some ideas about this and we’ll explain it later this week.

More on Snoke!

MakingStarWars has this article on Snoke. The description of his eye color I think we should have known from either the novelization or the art of The Forced Awakens? I remember it from before I know that much. The skin color is new though and the description of the robes is much better than before. There is a great drawing in the article to so check it out!


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