Do or Do not there is no try

Today we are going to explore a few ideas about an image that is both familiar and new. This will have potential spoilers so if that ain’t your thing run away now.

The Image in question is below, its from the leaked images of a tie-in book for The Last Jedi. As you can see in the bottom left of the image there is an X-wing underwater. I believe there are three scenarios available that the X-wing will come into play

The first would be a Yoda-like lesson from Luke. Having Rey lift the X-wing from the ocean as a test. This is of course the conclusion that many fans have leap to, and I can see why however this is the least likely to occur. First, we have seen this exactly happen before, and The Force Awakens was derivative of the Original Trilogy–all indications show that the next two will not be. Rian has also stated on his twitter that he has written and directed a film that is not derivative. So if anyone pulls that X-wing out of the water it will be Luke but not as a “look what the force can do” like Yoda but more of a practical “I need my X-wing again” thing. Again this is MY speculation and Jason over at MakingStarWars speculates that Rey will pull the ship out, she succeeds where Luke failed.

The second is Rey retrieves something from the X-wing.  As we can see above these BTS shots show that Rey will be diving into the water and there will be an underwater scene.

Another shot shows what looks like Rey diving into the water:

Now this in of itself does not confirm the idea that she will retrieve something from the X-wing, there is still the possibility that this is related to her battle with the sea monster. In fact, there is some unused concept art for The Force Awakens that depicts Rey as retrieving something from a sunken Death Star II:

The Art of The Force Awakens

It wouldn’t be the first time that Lucasfilm has reused unused concept art. While it’s more likely than her lifting the X-wing, I believe this is still not likely going to happen. Anything that is of value, Luke would have already retrieved including his lightsaber. Even if he had no desire to use the lightsaber I find it doubtful he’d leave it in his ship in the ocean… its not like he couldn’t get at any point of he tried.

So what is the final and in my opinion the most likely scenario? Luke pushed it off the cliff into the ocean because he had no desire to leave Ahch-to and its been there for 5 years. It will be mentioned by Luke and Rey likely as a throw away line about him removing himself from the galaxy and therefore the Jedi from the Galaxy and has no desire to change that. This will probably will happen in the first act. Its a sign of how far Luke has gone to prevent the Jedi from returning. This may be how Luke ensures that the Jedi must end.

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