Weekly Star Wars Recap #100: July 31st 2017

Hello, everyone! Can you believe that it is almost August? More importantly, can you believe that this is the 100th edition of these Star Wars recaps? Speaking of numbers, there are 136 days until The Last Jedi. Spoilers below, so don’t share these images on social media. Let’s get started.

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The Last Jedi Toys Galore!

There was a video posted to youtube of some TLJ toy boxes. Photos of boxes including everything from close-ups of the back of boxes, and details about the ships and figures posted in instagram here, here, and here. LEGO LUKE! We’ve got a tweet from StarWarsJunk about the Praetorian Guards (yes that is their real name) and Rey and more. A leaked image of a Funko Pop of Snoke. Rey using a reverse grip of her lightsaber. There is something called “Force Link” that enables you to control action figures via some sort of short-range wireless signal. Take your pick, because there is plenty of stuff here to dig into.

Also, a toy list related to the Force Link emerged on reddit, and it has some interesting items in there, like the “trash compactor”. Again? There are still some codes, but there are rumors that “Foxtrot” refers to female characters, “Victor” refers to villains, and “Beta” refers to male characters.

Images from The Last Jedi leak online

A slew of images leaked to the web. Star Wars Theory had them up, but they were later taken down. The images confirmed a lot of what MakingStarWars had leaked earlier in the form of drawings. For example, see this comparison of Luke’s walking stick. Here is another comparison of a drawing from MSW and lumberjacknick that includes a leaked image of Luke from TLJ.

Fathier Images!

There were a couple of images of Fathiers that made it online, such as what looks like an icon from a The Last Jedi soundbook here, and another one from News from Jakkuu, that is from a TLJ book that isn’t released yet:

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Lego Images leaked!

Lots of lego images have leaked, but most of them taken down. Check out these “buildable figures” and an image of Snoke’s lego from the back talking to Kylo Ren.

Ron Howard confirms Warwick Davis is in the Han Solo movie

Although it was already known that he’s  in the film, a tweet from Ron Howard has confirmed that Warwick Davis will be in the untitled Han Solo film, playing an unknown character. Star Wars just isn’t the same without some sort of character played by Warwick. Looking forward to hearing more about this one!

Sneak Peak at Creature from Han Solo

Speaking of Ron Howard, tweets, and the Han Solo film, Ron Howard also tweeted this set pic, revealing a cool looking creature in the background. This guy looks like something straight out of the Mos Eisley Cantina. It looks like he is sitting at a table, arms sort of on each other leaning on a table. Hard to say, because clearly this is between shots.

The Composer for Han Solo is John Powell

The Star Wars show brings us this detail about the still untitled Han Solo film.


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