Weekly Star Wars Recap #102: August 14th 2017

Wow what a week! EW dropped some serious new info and toy leaks once again are showing us cool new stuff. Lets jump into the recap and remember spoilers ahead!

New Toy Leaks

We have a few new toy leaks out there, such as the BB-8 Mega playset that features Snokes thrown room, and also here. There was a Lego Finn that just dropped, with a look at how the back of his jacket was sewn. Lots of cool details in the throne room. Many have pointed out what looks like a torture/mind reading chair like we saw Rey and Poe in during The Force Awakens. While I’m sure the action depicted is just for design purposes it still would be cool if Rey saves Finn and Rose.

New leaks from News from Jakku

The tumblr blog released a images of a heavy bomber, and this bust of a Praetorian guard:

They also posted this image, that sort of agrees with our last post on Luke’s kyber crystal. However, not 100% of the meaning, and not sure if this one is speculation or what, but we like this idea.

New Kylo Ren images

This image surfaced, as well as these black series figures thad provide a little detail about Kylo, but not much new. The lack of a helmet on the figure confirms earlier reports that he would be helmet-less for much of the film. There was also this Luke Figure which one eagle eyed user swrogue507 noticed had a hook on his belt.

Finn in disguise


Anybody else think this is why Phasma has a Polearm in the new film?

More EW articles

Speaking of Kylo Ren, this EW article focusing on his turn to the dark side was posted 2 days ago, as well as this article on Rey and her family. There were other articles from EW that came out too, so check ’em out! There have been more than a few nice pieces of info in these articles, so recommended!

Good Morning America teases Star Wars news?

This one’s more of an FYI. There was a tweet from GMA teasing new Star Wars content, but not sure if it’s real. SWNN calls this “debunked”¬†and posted a follow-up tweet saying that nothing was implied by their GIF. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Look-and-Find book piece from SWNN

There is an article with a large image of Ahch-To from The Last Jedi Look-and-Find book posted on SWNN.


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