Weekly Star Wars Recap #104: August 28th, 2017

Hello, Star Wars fans! We’re back to bring you the latest in Star Wars news. It’s a big week, and getting bigger. With an augmented reality-enhanced Force Friday coming this week, and tons of new info already, its a great time to get excited about Star Wars! Let’s get to the news.

Trailer this week?

A couple of outlets have reported that there will be a trailer before Force Friday, but we’re not 100% sure. It’s something to at least be aware of, so keep and eye out, but don’t lose sleep over it. Not gonna lie I’d be surprised if there was a trailer. I’m putting my money on October.

Possible Working Title for Obi Wan film

While we’re not sure how legit this news is, or if it even matters, it might be worth mentioning. There was a post from Omega Underground that the working title for the Obi Wan film is “Josua Tree”. Keep in mind that this is not confirmed, and the working title doesn’t really mean much. For example, The Last Jedi‘s working title was “Space Bear”, and the untitled Han Solo film was “Red Cup”. Frankly, with the Obi Wan film not even confirmed by Disney, this one seems way too early to put too much stock into it.

Star Wars releases images and details of two vehicles


The official site has released an article and video of both the new First Order “Gorilla Walker” AT-M6, and the Dreadnought ship. These looks pretty cool, but we’ve also heard about these through leaks up until now. We know that the AT-M6 walker will be on Crait, but it isn’t clear when we’ll see the Dreadnought. That said, our money is at the beginning in an attack on the Resistance base on D’Qar.

The Last Jedi has 12 wipe transitions

You probably already saw this one, but it is now revealed that TLJ will have only 12 wipes, making it the fewest wipes of any Star Wars film. As a bit of trivia, The Phantom Menace has the most.

Maz Kanata and DJ in The Last Jedi

Rian Johnson Tumblr

A recent article from Amanda Ward at MSW has presented a key detail regarding Maz Kanata. We already knew from way back that she would be in The Last Jedi, but now we know that she will play a part in connecting Finn and Rose to DJ. This is kind of cool and explains where DJ comes from in the story. This also suggests that Finn was not headed to Canto Bight specifically to meet DJ, but rather was connected to him after. Was Finn headed to Canto Bight on a mission to find Maz? Time will tell on this one. Speaking of Rian Johnson’s tumblr, he also posted this explosion.

Lots of The Last Jedi details revealed from toys

Porg showing teeth!

Just like last week and the week before, toys are revealing a lot of little details about TLJ. We can expect even more this Friday as toys are officially released. Until then, we have to rely on people that manage to buy the toys even though they’re not supposed to! Sometimes we get lucky. 🙂 This week, we learned what the Canto Bight police force looks like up close, as well as get a look at a Resistance pilot. There was a review of the LEGO heavy scout walker posted to youtube, which looks kind of like a spider walker to me. Do the legs unfold? For now it appears they only move a little as it walks. We finally got a shot of Luke’s backpack in the form of the “Funko Pop!”. Details on the backpack were leaked by Making Star Wars a while back. The Pop! also shows Luke’s necklace, which we’ve reported on before. An image of a black series Praetorian Guard has surfaced, but not too much detail there. Some images of Sphero toys have surfaced, with new BB-8, BB-9E, and R2D2 toys on the way.

Return to Jakku in Episode IX?

A recent post from Making Star Wars covers a podcast that reveals that we may be returning to Jakku in Episode IX. We’re not sure why, but could have something to do with Rey going back to trace her origins. Or it could have something to do with the Empire’s interest in Jakku from the Aftermath trilogy.

Character name for Han Solo film, Michael K. Williams cut

In the news about the untitled Han Solo flick, we learned from Michael K. Williams that Emilia Clark’s character will named “Kura”. Some outlets have reported Kira, but MSW has come back with Kura. Williams can speak on this possibly because his character was cut from the film due to scheduling conflicts. We’re not sure if another actor will replace him, but for now, it sounds like the character was cut–not because of Williams’ acting as he is an award winning actor. It’s a shame to see him go, but to move the plot forward it makes you wonder if we’ll need someone else to fill in?

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