Look at the size of that thing: Ships of The Last Jedi

Today we’re gonna talk about all the ships we’re going to be seeing in The Last Jedi. There are some cool designs and some that are not so cool(IMO). So lets see what the Resistance and the First Order will be working with.

The Resistance

The last time we saw the Resistance they had a few X-Wings and transports and that was about it. Since the destruction of Hosnian Prime, and with the First Order’s intentions more visible, it appears many of the planets and people that were ignoring the threat are joining the fight. This means new ships!

Resistance bomber

This ship is one of the new additions to the fighting fleet of the Resistance. We know that Paige Tico, sister of Rose and mentored by Poe, is a gunner on one of these. They are just a bit bigger than the X-Wing and kind of look like a B-Wing to me personally. The cockpit reminds me of a WWII bomber, which is a perfect fit for Star Wars.


This speeder will be used on Crait in what appears to be an assault on the First Order. We know that Poe will pilot one, and it appears that Finn will also.  The stabilizer strut that is kicking up the red dust. You might think this only looks cool, but I think it’s to blind the AT-M6 Walkers (see below) so that they can be more vulnerable to another attack. Tow-cables won’t work, as the new First Order walkers have more stabilized and bendable legs. That said, this kind of stabilizer strut wouldn’t really be useful on any other planet, and this planet is basically abandoned outside of the Resistance Base.  Therefore, these ships are probably leftovers from when this base was more active.

The Raddus: Resistance Cruiser

This is named after the Mon Cal Admiral in Rogue One, Admiral Raddus, who was killed in the battle over Scarif. It’s over a mile long so for a Resistance/Rebellion ship it’s pretty big. If I had to guess this will be either Leia or Holdo’s command ship. Honestly, it looks freaking cool and it appears aggressive, its not a modified ship either this was built to fight.


The First Order

With the Star Killer base destroyed, the First Order will need to rally the troops, and organize all their fleets, bringing into focus these ships.

Dreadnaught Class Star Destroyer


Now this is an odd new ship. Same outline of your bog standard Star Destroyer but noticable different. I’m guessing that this is either Hux’s or Kylo’s command ship. I am still not sure if I like it or not.


The Supremacy: Snoke’s Mega Star Destroyer

Now this is a command Ship! The base of operations for the First Order and Snoke this ship is a massive 37 miles long. With no word on the other demensions but by eyeballing it(at least 13 miles the other way) this ship is larger than New York City (469m^2). It can dry dock Star Destroyers. It seems like this is where Finn and Rose end up going for their mission so it’s no wonder they think they can hide easily.

AT-M6 First Order Walker

According to the databank entry, these “lumbering armored beasts that are the latest generation in walkers”. It looks like they are able to squat, or lower their legs for greater stability in an attack.

TIE Silencer

TIE Silencer CR: Lucasfilm

This new TIE has a more aggressive, forward pointing design compared to its predecessors the TIE Advance and the TIE Interceptor. We can only expect that Kylo Ren will have amazing piloting skills from probably learning from his father Han Solo at a young age. We can expect some amazing flying second only to Anakin, but fighting for the First Order. Kylo Ren will therefore do quite a bit of damage on his own in the Silencer.

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