Weekly Star Wars Recap #109: Oct 2nd, 2017

We took most of last week to recharge but we are back and bringing the fire! Here is all the news that is fit to report, warning: spoilers ahead!

Han Solo’s Thandie Newton an Imperial?


Don’t see it? Eagle-eyed Redditor JediPaxis spotted a patch on Thandie Newton’s shoulder that seems to indicate that she will be playing an Imperial. Could she be the villain of the story? That would be a first, a female movie villain for Star Wars. I certainly hope she is.

Pablo Hints the TFA map was carefully planned.

This tells me they had an idea of what Rian was going to be doing when they made the map. If you are one of those fans that thinks there is no plan and the sky is falling perhaps this will make you feel better. This point is particularly interesting given that the relatively recent Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia shows that Luke Skywalker gave Lor San Tekka the map.

New Battlefront Trailer

This new scene gives more of what the story will be for the game. I was ultimately disappointed in the first Battlefront as I enjoy the single player much more than the multiplayer, I’m old what can I say?

Last Jedi Runtime?

Cineworld reported a runtime of 150 mins for The Last Jedi last week. They have since updated and removed the runtime. If it was true and released early then that would make The Last Jedi the longest Star Wars film ever. Honestly I only care if its good.

Forces of Destiny

I like these little shorts, if anything I wish they were longer. They remind me of the Clone Wars shorts on Cartoon network in the build up to Revenge of the Sith.

Trailer next Monday?

Mark Hamill originally tweeted and deleted a hint that the 9th would be the trailer release day and now SWNN is confirming that date. I am still not 100% on this one as SWNN’s track record has not been great lately. Still it s very probable. Very exciting either way! I’m sure most people that don’t believe this will still be checking out Monday night football on that date just to be sure. 😉

Star Wars Rebels season 4 episode descriptions

This one comes from Jedi Insider in the form of some leaked episode descriptions for the last season of the much loved cartoon series. Check it out! I’m particularly interested in learning more about why the Empire is so interested in Lothal.

Domhnall Gleeson on Episode IX

As we covered last week, there was some uncertainty about whether or not Domhnall Gleeson will return for Episode IX. He clarifies this by saying that nobody knows whether they will return! Sounds about right.

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