Weekly Star Wars Recap #110: October 9th, 2017

Welcome, Star Wars aficionados. You’ve made your way to the Spoiled Blue Milk weekly recap–your place for the best and latest news on Star Wars movies, TV, and more. Let’s get to the news.

Trailer! Yeah, really…today!

It’s been a long and winding road waiting for the new The Last Jedi trailer, which should arrive tonight at around 10pm EST (7pm PST), and confirmed to occur during half-time for Monday Night Football(as it has been long rumored). This road has included a since-deleted tweet from Mark Hamill, lots of rumors and speculation, and final confirmation from @starwars:

And one teaser, two teasers, and yet another third teaser! However, if you’re a fan that doesn’t want ANY spoilers, you may consider skipping this one according to Rian Johnson this morning:

So watch at your own risk!

New Praetorian Guard Image from Star Wars Destiny Card Game

This new image leaked online:


Apparently for the new card game. We’ve also learned that there are exactly 8 of these guards, according to some NY Comic Con info. These guys have a long axe, and an “electro-chain whip” that can function as a sword and a whip!

Han Solo editing and filming at the same time

According to a recent tweet from Ron Howard, they are well into editing the Han Solo film. Keep in mind there was a ton of usable footage from the previous directors, so they have a lot of material to work with.

Thrawn Sequel Novel coming…with special guest

The tweet says it all. If you liked the Thrawn novel, this sequel could be one to look out for. Fans will be happy if this one reveals more details about Darth Vader’s activities in this time period.

Boyega on Episode IX

John Boyega in a recent interview (via SWNN) talked about what he thinks we’ll see in Episode IX, due in 2020. We learned that he hasn’t congratulated JJ yet(!) and that he thinks the film will have the “war to end all wars”:

“I think what’s fantastic is it feels like it’s coming back full circle,” Boyega said of Abrams’ return. “I don’t know nothing about the script, the story. I don’t know where Finn’s going, I don’t know where Rey is going, but definitely I feel this is the war to end all wars in this movie. I’m interested to know how he will handle that. I’m asking so many questions and I haven’t had a chance to kinda sit down and write J.J. a message just to say congratulations and I’m stoked. My fixation now is that he needs to get some SLEEP and GEAR UP because we’re doing another one of these movies, mate! But I think he’s gonna do a great job, as always. He’s J.J.”

The circle is complete.

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