Weekly Star Wars Recap #111: Oct 16, 2017

Hey kids it is that time of the week again, Recap time! Oh wait that should have been yesterday, but we spent yesterday waiting for the Season 4 premiere of Star Wars Rebels! Another day later, and more news for you! As always spoilers ahead!

We have a title! Solo: A Star Wars Story

Ron Howard just tweeted this:

New tweet from Filoni

Not sure what to say about this one, but it could be a clue about Season 4 with Ezra. Speaking of which…

Rebels Season 4 is here!

The 4th and final season of Rebels is here, with the premiere last night. A lot of this episode was seen by many at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, but still pretty cool. Looks like Bo Katan is back, and now has the dark saber. We’ll see how this one plays out. Check out the new Rebels Recon on this 2-part episode right here:

IMAX Theater Standees show us new images.

Reddit user FF_Gargamel posted the whole Standee and Mirahtrunks gave us the two close ups.

There has been a lot made about Luke being on both side of the Standee but honestly I believe its just misdirection. Luke isn’t dark. He’s broken, scared and without hope but not a Darksider… if he was he would join with Snoke and Kylo not go into hiding. The ring(?) around Poe’s neck is interesting. I wonder if its from his mother or a love interest? Paige maybe? The Finn and Rose shot looks familiar if you kept up with leaks earlier in the year. No doubt they are riding the “space horse”, or Fathier we’ve talked about before.

Andy Serkis knows Snoke’s Story

In an article on IGN we get a little bit of insight into Andy and his character Snoke. I think that he knows the basics but I doubt its too much more than what we know really. I could be wrong but I seriously doubt it.

New Dialog from toys

This is pretty cool but  its a good idea to remember that often toy dialog doesn’t make it to the film.

Daisy Ridley interview

Vogue has a really good interview with Daisy that you can read here. Nothing of importance really for the movie or character but you do get a good feel for the Actress behind the main character.

Tag and Bink Canon Again?

Maybe? This is Jon Kasdan on the right. There is sort of a confirmation on twitter via Jon Kadan and Kevin Rubio’s reply. I think it could be some sort of running thing where these two show up in spin-off films for a quick cameo.


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