Weekly Star Wars Recap #112: Oct 22, 2017

Hello out there in Star Wars fandom. We’re back for another weekly recap to bring you the best in Star Wars news. There are 52 days until The Last Jedi.  Without further ado, let’s get to the news!

The Solo: A Star Wars Story name announced, and what we think

OK, so this one happened right after we posted last weeks recap, so we didn’t add too much commentary. However, we’re hearing a wide spectrum of views on the name. Here’s what we think:

Davestrrr: I dig it. Short, simple, to the point. We’ve actually heard about this title a long while back. There was that t-shirt that showed up, and I recall a photo of Woody Harrelson wearing it, but can’t seem to find it anymore, but it was this shirt (or close to it):

The only difference here is that gun for the “L”. There was a tweet from SWNN that suggested the name was “Captain Solo”, but this is apparently false. No biggie. I’m happy with this and the only thing that would have been better would be something like “Captain Solo and the Something Something,” and ditch the “A Star Wars Story” thing for this series. Set up a series reminiscent of Indiana Jones with new adventures. But this is fine. The only criticism I’ve heard is that this plays to much the idea that Han Solo is “solo”, meaning independent. However, I don’t see this. For me, I’ve been sort of desensitized to this meaning, and I think of Han Solo when I see it–not the state of being solitary. Moreover, most of what we’ve heard suggests Han will be teamed up with Chewie, Becket, and Lando, this meaning of the title doesn’t seem to hold up as much.

Mazlow01: I think its a little obvious but its ok. I would have preferred something that told us about the story, like Smuggler’s Run or played on an old movie The Millennium Falcon (The Maltse Falcon).

Taiwanese Trailer for The Last Jedi Sheds New Light

This reddit post breaks down the gender on some of the shots. Check it out. It actually changes my interpretation of a lot of the scenes. We’ll revisit this one later. We do have to caution though that the international translations of The Last Jedi gave us both plural and singular forms of “Jedi” for TLJ, so not sure what we can say about this just yet.

New Episode IX Details from JJ and Rian

In a recent interview, Rian Johnson confirmed that he will not be involved in Episode IX. Very early rumors suggested that Rian Johnson was to write IX as well as VIII, but we now know this has either been changed, or was completely wrong. SWNN also caught a recent interview with JJ, where JJ promises fans that “Episode IX will go elsewhere”. This could be in response to a lot of the claims that TFA was too derivative of A New Hope. Personally, I think the parallels to ANH were fine, and part of what makes Star Wars great. SWNN also reports that a redditor that claims to have met JJ. More importantly, they claim that the prequels will be referenced in Episode IX. While this is welcome news and believable, the account has since been deleted. Not sure what that means. Either what they said was right on the nose and hence Disney took it down, or maybe it was a false claim that they felt bad about. Either way, take that one with a grain of salt.

New Details from Toys

Over a month and half since Force Friday II, we’re still getting new details from the toys. A LEGO minifig was posted to reddit, showing a LEGO version of Luke’s staff/stick and a hook for a lightsaber on his belt. Some quotes from Force-Link from the “Exile Luke” figure were posted to reddit:

“Reach our with your feelings”

And his actions sounds are metal clinks, like swords. And he yells “No”

Bonus quotes Rey figure

“I’m Rey. The resistance sent me” plus quotes from TFA

Also, there was a snapshot of some porgs from a toy box:

New Topps Card Features Kylo Without Belt

A photo of a Topps card has Kylo without his belt. Not sure what this means, or if it means anything. We might see a scene where Kylo takes off the belt, or it could just be promotional material that doesn’t mean anything. At this point, it’s too early to say this means anything.

Brought to you by @davestrrr and @mazlow01. Stay tuned to Spoiled Blue Milk for the best of Star Wars!