Weekly Star Wars Recap #113: Oct 30, 2017

Another week and a bunch of mini-spoilers and things that look like spoilers but probably aren’t. There are now just a mere 45 days left until The Last Jedi, so things are coming fast and furious. Lets look into all of it and break it down! Potential spoilers ahead.

New York Times

The New York Times interview with Mark Hamill

This interview doesn’t have spoilers but does give us insight into Mark’s thoughts and how he felt about his previous co-stars Harrison and Carrie. Its really a great piece and just makes you love Mark even more. Star Wars fans we are lucky to have him.

Adam Driver interview with GQ

OK go read he excerpts here. Now if you think he’s talking about Rey then holy cow! what spoilers! but if you think GQ is pulling legs and manipulating the interview to sell more copies then you realize he’s talk about Leia. Not a big deal but fans have been running like Chicken Little and sky falling down so… yeah. When he says they are “hiding behind artifices”, he means a false front. That is, Kylo Ren’s helmet, and for Leia probably the fact that she is the daughter of Darth Vader.

Daisy interview gives us a few hints.

This interview with Yahoo Japan(Use Google translate to getat what is said). Daisy tells us we will get information on her parents and if Luke is one of them. She also drops that she will have quite a few scenes with her lightsaber. I think both of these have been mentioned before but it does serve as additional confirmation.

Alamo Drafthouse glasses reveal spoiler(s)

That is Luke Skywalker in Jedi Robes lightsaber in hand with rocks seemingly floating around his feet and legs… get hyped. Considering his outfit its likely this is at the beginning of the film IF its in the film. There could be a good bit of creative license here. But who cares because Luke Skywalker with a Lightsaber looking bad ass. Also if you follow this link to MSW you can see the other two including a darkside glass that also includes Luke in the background. I suspect that this is only to further the marketing angle of Luke is damaged etc etc… Luke doesn’t go dark people. I think the scenario in the image is initially training Rey, and showing her how to use a saber. Since the saber is blue, it is presumably the Skywalker saber (Rey’s saber) during training.

More toy dialog!

You can check it out all in one place at MSW. Nothing earth shattering here and some of the lines are from TFA. I doubt more than a couple of them will be in the movie, so not a major revelation. However, still worth sharing!

A second The Last Jedi BTS reel

Brought to us by USA Today you can see it here. There’s some cool shots here so take your time and explore it all. This BTS reel has probably got me more excited than ever!


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