Rose Tico’s hero’s journey

We know very little about the character Rose, who will be introduced into the Star Wars saga in The Last Jedi. The details we have are few and far between. Nevertheless, we may have figured out what is likely Rose’s arc. Let’s take a tour of what we do know and connect the dots.¬† more “Rose Tico’s hero’s journey”

A New Trilogy

Unless you live under a rock or are on a social media blackout to avoid The Last Jedi spoilers you heard the news yesterday; Rian Johnson is going to be making a new Star Wars Trilogy with his collaborator Ram Bergman. WHAT? OK lets look at the VERY little information dropped yesterday and make some wild guesses on what that new trilogy will encompass.

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Darkness Rises

Holy cow did that little trailer just come out of nowhere. A 45 second TV spot and I’m even more hyped than I was for the trailer that came out just a few weeks ago. Let’s talk about why. Potential spoilers ahead.

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