Darkness Rises

Holy cow did that little trailer just come out of nowhere. A 45 second TV spot and I’m even more hyped than I was for the trailer that came out just a few weeks ago. Let’s talk about why. Potential spoilers ahead.

What you haven’t watched it yet? Ok here it is.

We start off with a new shot of the Falcon and then Luke entering the cockpit and turning on the lights. Based on Luke’s outfit I believe this happens in the second or third act of the film. I’m leaning towards the Third act and it being when Luke decides he has to leave Ahch-to. Why is Luke leaving you ask? I think Rey went with Kylo, not sure if by choice or force yet, but she is gone. Chewie and R2 are going after her and they convince Luke to join them.

Our next new shot is of Snoke’s throne room the voice over has Snoke saying “Darkness Rises…and the Light to meet it” Now those ellipses are from the official Star Wars twitter account so that COULD indicate that there is dialog  in between the two statements. Then again, they could just be indicating the pause we hear, it’s twitter not an APA formatted paper. The scene is likely the Kylo homecoming scene, Hux is there looking smug, all 8 Praetorian guards are there and there are two figures in black by the circle device on the right. Who are they? Advisers like the Emperor had? Acolytes of the Beyond? Just a structure and not a character? On a non-serious note what is up with the lack of railings? Either way this has obvious influences from the Emperor Throne room on the Death Star.

There are also a few cool shots of the Falcon in action, including one where it loses its Dish, again. I really like the shot of it bursting up from the caves. The way the trailer is edited makes it seem as though the Falcon is also who Finn is wooooing and I honestly hope its true.

Then there is this shot. Now its pretty certain this is again misdirection. For one, the shot of Rey appears to be in reverse, take a look at it here

So it may not even be a related scene. Or at least Rey isn’t standing over Luke to deliver a blow. Her battle is likely with Kylo and Luke’s statement is to whoever Kylo brought with him. Just my gut feeling.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only scene with Rey that is reversed,  the other shot of her with the lightsaber plays better when reversed.


Overall this TV spot really hit the right notes and Lucasfilm is really trying to sell us on certain things with their misdirection. Luke being dark, Rey possibly falling to the dark side, and Kylo being unsure. Its going to be intersting to see how it all falls out.

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