Weekly Star Wars Recap #114: November 6th, 2017

Hello everyone out there. We’re back for yet another weekly Star Wars recap. In case you’re looking for Star Wars movie and TV news, you’ve found the right place. Now let’s get to the latest.

Footage of Rose Tico spotted in the UK

Not a major revelation, but cool nonetheless. Here is a reddit post about the same footage for more detail. I like the point about Rose being presented as an engineer, and how this could be an inspiration for more girls to go into science and engineering!

Cracking the Poster Codes?

There is a new IMAX promotion involving the TLJ poster. Check it out here. Not sure what this means other than my state of Oregon is missing from the list! If your city or state is there, consider signing up and reporting back with more details on this! Hopefully, its a major clue, but somehow I doubt they would reveal too much.

New John Boyega Interview

Check this one out at Digital Spy. We covered this article yesterday, and there are two big nuggets of news in there, so beware of spoilers!

Rian Johnson on Star Wars Jewelry

You may recall our article on Star Wars jewelry, where we theorized on what it could mean. Somehow I think it is part of a bigger plan than just “Carrie wanted it”. With kyber crystals playing a big role in the jewelry, I suspect this will be an important plot point at least.

The Millennium Falcon loses another satellite dish?

Astute redditor Ishasemo has put together this series of images to make the case that the Falcon lost its new dish! This is beginning to be a bit of an inside joke of sorts, and fans will no doubt be spotting a new dish in Episode IX. Triangular this time?

Adam Driver talking about The Hidden Fortress

Let’s take it easy Star Wars fans. Adam Driver wasn’t talking about Rey, but was likely making a reference to the Hidden Fortress as an influence to Star Wars.

Mark Hamill talks Luke in Disney rewards

Not sure if it was released early or if its behind a paywall but I can’t directly link it but here is the Reddit Link. I think the most important thing we get here is that Luke has NOT gone dark. neither of us thought he would but the marketing is trying to get us to think that either he or Rey will.

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