Weekly Star Wars Recap #115: November 13th, 2017

Another week and more Star Wars news has been dropped. We already broke down the biggest news but there was even more! Check yourself before you spoil yourself.

New Star Trilogy and live action TV show

You can read the details as there are here. Also we wrote about the Trilogy last week here. I hope the TV show goes away from Jedi and force users and gives us something unique. Certainly there are numerous scripts written for the shelved Star Wars Underworld TV show that George Lucas had worked on, so they have a ton of material that they could theoretically mine for ideas. In fact, a character-driven version of this Underworld concept could work. I’m stoked about both though!

Disney releases more on their streaming service.

You can read the details here. To me the big takeaway is that they plan on making the service cheaper than Netflix. If it streams old Disney movies and their current line up of TV shows, a season behind like Netflix is ok, then it will be more than worth the money. Clone Wars, Rebels, the new live action TV show will provide a ton of Star Wars content. Not to mention old episodes of the the Mickey Mouse club and all the back catalog of Disney movies. This thing has major potential, so we’ll see how they handle it. Cheaper than Netflix? If it’s, say $4.99 a month, they would make a ton because tons of people would sign up at that cost.

New TV Spot!

May the Force be with you- Finn

Luke’s compass confirmed

This gem was posted by maekyntol on Reddit. Looks like another one in the win column for MSW. The real question is what is it for? What does Luke use it for? A million questions and no answers.

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