The TV Spots are dropping new info about The Last Jedi!

We’ve been given four new TV spots this week and they are giving me life! Lets break down each one and look at what is new and what we can learn. Spoilers ahead!

Let’s look at what is new here, first up is Rey. We see her training with her staff then she looks at the lightsaber in her bag, and it moves into the training shots we have previously seen that seem to match up to what she was doing with the staff. This gives a little more context about how Rey learns the saber so quickly, and sort of adds to the speculation that Rey will create a saber-staff at some point.

Next up there are a couple of new shots including a really cool shot of Poe doing a turn in space in the X-wing. And finally a new line from Finn: “I was raised to fight, for the first time I had something to fight for”. That line is very intriguing to me. It sort of harkens back to the TFA line can “I was raised to do one thing”. I suspect it comes in one of two places. The beginning of the film when Poe and Rose are trying to convince him to go on the mission, bringing up his actions from TFA, OR it’s him talking to DJ explaining why he is doing what he is doing. Finn is wearing the jacket and appears to have a cut on his head so I figure it’s not the beginning of the film, and I doubt he will explain his motivations in the third act. DJ in my mind wins out.

Just watch the first 30 seconds, the rest is just the first trailer. So we get a few new things in this one. Poe’s line “Permission to jump in an X-wing and blow stuff up” and Leia’s response “Permission granted.” My gut says this will be a call back to an earlier conversation with Leia, Poe, and Holdo, where Holdo is dismissive of Poe’s input and/or choices.  We also get a slightly extended shot of the X-wing move we just saw including BB-8 giving us a little droid “Yahoo!” I believe that we also see a bit more of Finn vs Phasma fight, a slightly different angle of attack.

This one just gives us new shots of the ships and Rose appears to be flying, which is a development… It could mean that speech Finn is giving in the trailer above is to her… perhaps after the death of her sister? Check out our post from Wednesday for more thoughts on that…

The latest TV spot is one minute long and gives us the best of the new lines and scenes. We start off with Rey and Luke lines where Rey confirms she has seen Ahch-to in dreams. This harkens back to the scene from TFA where Kylo sees an island when mind-probing Rey. Luke then asks who she is. Luke is also shown leading her through  meditation and Rey sees the light and dark. This gives us a new shot of Leia and of Kylo where his hair seems shorter and I personally don’t see the scar. He looks younger, it makes me wonder if its a flashback, but I could be wrong. Then the big reveal… Rey was talking to Luke in the first trailer when she asked for someone to teach her, we talked about it here. She claims she won’t fail Luke like Kylo did, and this is from the same scene. It’s shot at a different angle, but the light source is the same, her clothes including the bag location are the same, and the strand of hair on the right side of her face is in the same location. It’s pretty definitive. And then we get a another new Finn line “We have to fight”, along with the Falcon’s turret getting abused again.

We can see two big things. A shift in tone for the trailers, there is less Luke is dark/Rey could go dark and more Heroes being Heroes. We are also getting a feel for the movie, especially those of us that are all over every spoiler. Let us know if we missed anything!

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