Weekly Star Wars Recap #118: December 4th, 2017

Another week another recap and just 10 days until The Last Jedi is in theaters! Less that 2 weeks! So, lets look at what is new, and as always spoilers ahead.

A Three hour CUT!

Sit right down, and you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a movie length….Rian Johnson revealed his first The Last Jedi cut was 3 hours long and we’ll see some of that in the extras on Blu-ray. * Watch the whole video fro his comments on the next trilogy he is doing and how involved he will be(Write direct the first unknown thereafter)

New Photo of Chewie and R2D2

Need we say more? Looks like a shot in the Falcon:

redditor WestJoe

Chinese Trailer gives us Fathiers.

This is our first look at the Fathiers on-screen. This trailer is amazing! It starts off with some The Force Awakens footage, but shortly goes into TLJ full-on. The Fathiers appear around 2:00 and they look amazing. That scene is going to be crazy! They bust through the window of the casino.

Check out the trailer here:

John Boyega interview at ScreenCrush

In this new interview, Boyega discusses the porgs, and that he wanted Finn to have a cool costume. Check the article for more!

Two new images of Paige Tico

I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks Roses’ sister, Paige, isn’t going to survive. We’ve discussed this point extensively here, along with how it fits into Rose Tico’s journey as a hero. Check out the new images¬†here and here

Press Conference for The Last Jedi

EW has a great wrap up here. The cast does a great job of deflecting, Mark to me doing the best, not a lot of new info but entertaining.

Boyega kills Rey Kenobi

Thank goodness. At least we have some clarification there. He is pretty explicit and tells fans to “move on” from the Rey Kenobi theory. Very interesting. I can’t believe he said that!!

Daisy Ridley says she is willing to come back for more Star Wars

There was an interview earlier that made it seem as though¬† this wouldn’t be the case however this refutes that. She was just discussing her impressions from the story when she signed the contract. However, she is having a great time with all of this. Either way, if they do 10,11,12, then hopefully she would come back if only for a cameo. Hopefully more!

Cool training video

It appears that both Rey and Kylo will face multiple opponents … interesting. I love how Adam Driver says “you can’t half-ass it”. Love the honesty there. Adam knows discipline because he is a former marine. If he think the training is rigorous, you can bet that it is! Daisy also looks like she has some fantastic moves, and got some high praise from the stunt coordinator.