5 Predictions for The Last Jedi

If you haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet, you’ll probably see it tomorrow or the next day. We haven’t seen it, but we’re here to provide our personal predictions with NO outside knowledge, other than the past few years of spoilers that we have reviewed. We’ve been spoiler-free since the premiere, and can’t wait to get our butts into the movie seats. That said, there may be some spoilers below from stuff we’ve discussed over the past few years.

Mazlow’s Predictions

Here are five predictions about The Last Jedi from @mazlow01:

1) Force ghosts – There will be no force ghosts. Yes I know people keep making a big deal of Frank Oz and Hayden Christensen being in England last year but I don’t think we will see any force ghosts. Sorry folks.

2) Kylo Ren and Rey – Kylo and Rey will team up but not for long. Any cooperation between the two will only be because of circumstances not because they are in true agreement. Rey isn’t going dark and Kylo isn’t going light, at least not yet.

3) Luke and Snoke – Luke and Snoke will not face off. Everyone seems to be thinking that Luke will fight Snoke but I suspect they will have no screen time together. This just isn’t happening folks.

4) Luke and Leia – Luke and Leia will be face to face. I’m calling it, Luke will leave Ahch-to and meet up with Leia. We won’t get the big three together ever but we can still get Leia with both of her boys.

5) Luke’s fate – Luke Lives. Mainly because:


Davestrrr’s Predictions

Here are five predictions about The Last Jedi from @davestrrr

1) Force ghosts – I actually expect to see a Force ghost, and really hope I do. I’ve speculated on Yoda being in the movie before, and I would really really love to see or hear him in TLJ. Seeing would be WAY better.

2) Kylo Ren and Rey – I expect these two to team up, as I’ve discussed in the past, largely based on that scene from the trailer. I’m not sure how long this will last. With the way Rian Johnson describes them as “two halves of our protagonist”, I really think a Kylo Ren redemption arc of some kind will happen. That said, he can only be redeemed so much after what he has done.

3) Luke and Snoke – I also don’t expect to see Luke and Snoke face off, but this may happen in Episode IX. They’ll save this doozy for the finale!

4) Luke and Leia – I actually don’t think Luke and Leia will share screen time. This is based on the fact that when they filmed, they had no expectation of Carrie’s passing. That said, I would be thrilled if they have a scene together. In a way, from The Force Awakens, it seems like the angle they are going with is RotJ was the big three’s last meeting on screen.

5) Luke’s fate – I also don’t expect Luke to die in this one, but who knows. I think it would be a better ring theory “rhyme” if Luke vanishes in Episode IX–making it happen in the last movie of this trilogy, to mirror Obi Wan vanishing during the first movie of the OT.

Well, that’s it. That’s our predictions. We’ll be back to review the movie this weekend! Stay tuned to spoiledbluemilk.com for the best in Star Wars!