Weekly Star Wars Recap #122: January 2nd 2017

Happy New Year, Star Wars fans! We’re back to bring you another edition of the weekly Star Wars recap. There are 142 days until Solo: A Star Wars Story. Let’s get to the news.

The Last Jedi box office report

The Last Jedi is now cruising at over 1 billion dollars in worldwide sales. It’s now number 7 for all-time domestic sales, and number 22 worldwide. It’s 3rd weekend earnings are the 12th highest of all time. We’ll see how the next weeks hold up! I think we’ll all be surprised at week 3 and 4.

Ron Howard tweets new Solo image

We’ve actually seen this cockpit before, but this is the first time in color. Certainly has an 80s vibe to me. Looks like an old-school Atari or something like that. This looks like a racer type vehicle, I wonder if it’s related to the racing that was mentioned in Bloodline.

Solo teaser release date?

A potentially reliable redditor has posted a release date for the Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser to be in less than a week! 1/7/18 during an unknown “wild card” football game at halftime. Take with a grain of salt, but do keep an eye out! Follow @spoiledbluemilk for updates on this one.

Final The Last Jedi IMAX Poster.

We’ll leave you with the final TLJ IMAX Poster. This one puts Snoke and the Praetorian guards up front.

Stay tuned to SpoiledBlueMilk for the best in Star Wars!