Weekly Star Wars Recap #123: January 8th 2018

Welcome, Star Wars fans! We’re back to bring you another edition of the weekly recap. Lots of Solo news this week, so let’s get to it!

Solo trailer soon?

Ron Howard just tweeted this:

There were a few rumors about the potential trailer, but not sure if any of them are legit. There was a rumor that there would be something on Jan 12th, but MakingStarWars chimed in on that one:

So we can expect something very soon, but not sure when. If this Friday isn’t far off, then next week? Until now, we’ve barely even seen any characters in costume. If you recall a couple weeks ago there was that calendar, which seems like it is at least partially legit. That said, with a few of the lego leaks coming out we have a pretty good indication of the costumes (supporting what we had known from various leaks).

Solo characters revealed…Pykes?

A set of very interesting characters from Solo have been revealed through the usual channels…LEGO characters! Meet Quay Tolsite and Moloch. These guys look like Pykes, which were introduced in The Clone Wars, and these guys are responsible for the distribution of spice throughout the galaxy, including those mined on Kessel. We’ve had various indications that the spice mines of Kessel will be in this one, and that’s where Han meets (saves) Chewie. Now it looks like we’ll at least see the Pykes for the first time on the big screen. This character called “Moloch” looks like he might be a “big bad”, and looks like a Pyke to some degree, but with slightly different headgear.

Other Solo characters, costumes and more!

There have been a lot of lego images revealed. Check here and here, and especially here. The Solo costume is consistent with the TMZ leaks from way back. However, there is a very interesting photo labeled as Han Solo in this leak. Could that be some sort of Imperial cadet outfit? In Legends Han was a former cadet of the Empire, so we’ll see if they go with this story line.

Lots of new updates to the Star Wars Databank

The official site has updated a lot of databank entries from The Last Jedi. These entries have some great new hi-res photos from the film, and some variants not seen before.

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