Weekly Star Wars Recap #125: January 22nd, 2018

Another week down and another recap for the faithful Star Wars fans at Spoiled Blue Milk. We’ve had plenty of false rumors about a Solo trailer along with actual news, so lets dig in and as always spoilers ahead.

Rebels Season 4 trailer

OK where do we start with this? Emperor is in the room(hologram) with Ezra and that is Ian McDiarmid’s voice not Sam Witwer’s. Cool right? This looks to be a thrilling conclusion to the series and it actually has me hyped to watch it again. That last shot of Ezra with the Loth-Wolves…pretty awesome. Too bad he and Kanan will likely have to die in order for there to be no more Jedi left at the time of A New Hope. That said, who knows what could happen, we might be surprised!

Book list for Solo

FanthaTracks has a list and synopsis for the upcoming tie in books for the upcoming  Solo movie. Nothing too revealing but good to see the publishing arm getting ready to role out the tie ins for a film we really don’t know much about. This kind of media push could indicate they are starting to really promote the film, which brings us to…

Solo trailer update

While there is no definitive date, there are more rumors of the release of the Solo trailer. Take with a grain of salt, but these new claims seem the most credible yet. Anthony Breznican, the Star Wars writer for EW says that it should be coming “soon”, and there is another rumor from the Weekly Planet podcast (1/21/18 episode) that there will be a super bowl commercial trailer release. An R2D2 pin might point to this as well. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess, but it seem plausible that we’ll get something very soon.

In Memory: Star Wars Rogue One & Solo Producer Allison Shearmur Dies at 54

This is a sad one. We send our thoughts to her friends and family at this time.