Weekly Recap #126: Jan 29th, 2017

Greetings out there in Star Wars land. We’re back to transcribe the week’s events, get them all down on paper for today and for posterity. It’s been another week, and we’re here to bring you another batch of Star Wars news. Let’s get to it.

New Rebels TV Spot

A new TV spot has hit the web, in preparation for the second half of season four set to return on Feb 19th.

Leeland Chee on returning Legends characters

Not sure what this could mean, but definitely could have something to do with either Solo: A Star Wars Story, or Rebels, or both. Here is the tweet:

Not sure what this means, I almost want to read into his statement and think that “thing” is significant. Are we talking a inanimate character? We’ve speculated in the past about BLX-5 and Blue Max returning. Blue Max is a slicer droid, and could end up helping Han break in somewhere. Not sure how they would depict that droid on screen, but it could be cool.

More Rumors of Solo teaser at Superbowl

If you read the recap last week, you’ve heard this rumor. Still very unsubstantiated, but it’s out there. There is a new article in Deadline that supports this, but still leaves it up in the air what movie Disney will advertise in addition to Black Panther and/or Avengers: Infinity War.

New BrickHead toy confirms Han Solo’s outfit.

Check out this new image. I like these little BrickHead guys. I don’t know about y’all, but it looks to me like a cool thing to collect. This sort of confirms a previous so far unconfirmed image of Solo in the past.

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