Weekly Recap #127: Feb 5th, 2018

Another week another recap. Not much to report, no real news has dropped or really anything of note… just a TV spot and trailer for SOLO! Holy cow they look good, lets jump in and remember spoilers ahead.

Solo Superbowl TV Spot

OK, wow this is awesome! I have a feeling Solo talking to the Imperial is part of whatever scam he’s running. The Falcon looks great and the fight on the train already looks like its going to give us the Solo version of the Throne room or Vader on rebel ships. Speaking of this fight, there’s a great shot of some new bad guy, maybe a bounty hunter or something else that we’ve never seen. Looks like he’s fighting Woody Harrelson’s character.

I didn’t like the idea of Han saying he wants to be the best pilot in the galaxy, that doesn’t ring true to Han to me. Meaning Han is the kind of guy that would know he’s the best, but not say it. However, he could change. Everything else is spot on. I really like the Star Wars theme here and how it was changed slightly in a different key with more horns than strings. Pretty freaking cool.

Solo Teaser Trailer

The first thing  I want to point out is there are next to no reused shots between this and the Superbowl spot. That is how they are making up for the lack of marketing so far, giving us more to look at right away. I really like the feel of this movie, its aesthetics really feel more Star Wars than Rogue one did to me, RO felt like a fan appreciation thing this feels like the universe. These Han shots are very dusty and noir. They have a western feel, but also something very Star Wars.

The only thing I don’t like is the Falcon looks brand new, I think it still 70 years old at this point in cannon but I could be wrong… then again it could be a different ship and we’ve all assumed it was the Falcon. There does seem to be a couple of differences in the handling of the ship and how Han is piloting it. Also awesome double bandoleer on Chewie!

We also get more of a look and hear of Solo. I think for the most part he’s pretty good. A little off at times in terms of the Han Solo style but other times perfect. I think it could work. At first I didn’t see the resemblance, but with each new shot I’m seeing it more and more.

Four Character Posters!

Umm that Lando one is going on  my wall, I don’t care what the wife says!

These are great. There is something “pulp” about them, very western looking, but spacey. Perfect.

Brought to you by @mazlow01 and @davestrrr. Stay tuned to SpoiledBlueMilk for the best of Star Wars!