The Villains of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Hello out there in Star Wars fandom. We’re back to discuss Star Wars, as we often do. Today, I’d like to take a moment and discuss all the known and unknown villains of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Details are sparse, but we know a few things. Spoilers and speculation below.

Let’s do this from the least confident to the most in terms of the evidence supporting who will be in the film. That said, some of the characters we’re pretty sure of have very little detail on them.

Jabba The Hutt

First off, the mighty Jabba. One of the first pieces of evidence for this came from The Hashtag Show (via screenrant), which claimed that Jabba is in the film, and will use a combination of CGI and practical effects. That said, although this claim is believable, it’s so believable that it could be made up. There was some other weird stuff in that podcast like Lord and Miller getting their own directors cut, which to me sounds very very unlikely. These guys also “confirmed” that Vader was in the film. Nevertheless, I would actually be very surprised if there is no mention of Jabba. So despite the evidence being weak, I think this one is true.

Recently there was a reddit post suggesting that someone wearing the same kind of outfit that Lando wore in Return of the Jedi was spotted. The argument is that if the outfit is there, then maybe Jabba is also there? However, it’s so hard to tell for sure, or if that means anything more than a little nod to fans.

Bobba Fett

The evidence for this one is spotty, but decent. We all know Boba is a fan favorite, and given the long-standing rumor of a Boba Fett film, it would make sense for them to set this one up. There is a photo of Ron Howard and Paul Bettany posted to twitter:

As pointed out on reddit, if you look closely in the upper left of this photo, there is a silhouette that looks a lot like Boba’s helmet:

While this is sketchy evidence at best, there is more. There was a Boba Fett LEGO minifig posted to reddit a month ago, and redditor NobodyQuiteLikeMike provides an analysis supporting the idea that this is from Solo. Namely, the outfit is different from the Original Trilogy because the arms are green and not gray.

For example this other figure of Boba has gray arms.  Is it significant? Well, they don’t design these LEGO figs without a bunch of forethought.

None of this is bulletproof evidence, but it supports the idea that would make a lot of sense and that a lot of people have suspected. It makes sense that they would introduce Boba and possibly a backstory connecting Han and Boba, given that their connections in the OT. We know that Boba works with Jabba quite a bit, so if Jabba is in, there is a decent chance that there could be an interplay between the Boba and Jabba rumors.

The Pykes

This one is pretty solid. We’ve already reported on some LEGO figures specifically for Solo that feature some Pyke figures. These guys ran the spice mines of Kessel, so we will see them for sure. These guys could be holding Chewie captive, given that we know Wookiees are slave labor on Kessel from Rebels. So, my personal theory, and it isn’t terribly novel, is that these guys are seen running the spice mines, and somehow Han rescues Chewie from them. I think almost everyone has had this theory, but there it is. I expect these guys to play a role in the first act of the film.

The names of these Pykes are Quay Tolsite, and possibly Moloch. I’m not sure about Moloch because it isn’t 100% clear that he is a Pyke, but looks like it. There is other evidence from LEGO boxes that Moloch is racing Han near the beginning of the film. So unless there is a connection between the race scene in the trailer and Kessel, Moloch is something else.

The Kessel Operations Droid next to Quay pin Quay Tolsite to be on Kessel, if that wasn’t already abundantly clear.

New Bad Guy

There is a new bad guy that looks pretty cool and we know nothing about. Here is a shot from the trailer of what looks like Woody Harrelson’s character “Becket” shooting him down on a train. Is this how Becket bites the dust? Time will tell.

Interestingly, this villain has quite a crew. Here is a wide shot:

This guy looks fierce, and deadly. People have called these guys bounty hunters, and that is plausible. Astute redittors have pointed out Boushh, the bounty hunter that Leia dressed up as in Jedi on the far right. Hard to confirm given the resolution, but if true it definitely supports the idea that this middle leader is a bounty hunter. My money is on this guy being the “big bad” for the film. If this big bad guy takes down Becket, then the stakes will be higher, and it will be all the more sweeter when Han defeats him, but this is speculation on my part…and speculation is half the fun!

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