The new EU

For years the old EU was the only new Star Wars we got, then the Prequels happened! And then it was back to the EU, which was then wiped clean with the exception of The Clone Wars series once Disney acquired Lucasfilm. This was done for several reason which we discussed here. It was a good call without most of the reasons and today I’m going to discuss why the New EU is so much better.

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Opinion: Leia in IX

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher, the last thing we wanted to think about was what happens to Star Wars. Though that is what brought her into most of our lives, it was inconsequential to the loss a daughter, mother, friend, and to the many she helped by championing mental health advocacy. With Episode IX now having finished its first draft and time to come to terms with the loss we are going to look into how we think Lucasfilm and Colin Trevorrow will handle the loss of Carrie and what happens to the character of Leia.

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Its not Jar-Jar’s fault.

There are many things that get blamed on Jar-Jar Binks. The dislike of the prequels from fans that saw all of them 4 or more times in the theater. The formation of Empire because of his call for emergency powers. If not that, then the entire saga as he is the true Dark lord of the Sith behind it all… None of it his fault.

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Celebration Surprise

Last week on The Star Wars Show Andi and Anthony stressed that we would not want to miss the 40th anniversary panel. This has led to rampart speculation on what will be shown or discussed, from confirmation of Anakin in The Last Jedi to a slate released until 2030. I feel there’s only three options, a Last Jedi trailer, George Lucas showing up, or Obi-wan. Let’s talk about it.

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Legends, EU, Canon, and the Future

On April 25th 2014 Lucasfilm relegated all of the previous Expanded Universe(EU) books to the Legends name and would no longer produce books that followed the timeline and canon it had established. This was done for obvious reasons as they were planning a sequel trilogy and other movies and could not creatively be held back by the efforts of dozens of different writers over 3 decades. There are however a small and dedicated group of fans that have rejected the loss of the stories as being “canon” and want Lucasfilm to continue the other timeline as it should be the real story. Today we are going to examine their claims, ask if canon even matters and what it all means going forward. more “Legends, EU, Canon, and the Future”

Clickbait, Rumors, and Sources

Earlier this week a paper that shall go unnamed released a report of panic and confusion concerning Rogue One and reshoots. This is just latest report concerning future blockblusters and reshoots to be blown out of proportion and using a tiny bit of correct information to make things seem dire and it all seems to be related to generating clicks and views. Why are we letting them manipulate us, what is clickbait and what sources should we listen to?

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Women in Star Wars, they make things happen

While there may be some small yet vocal group of “fans” that are lamenting the idea women being leads in Star Wars, those of us that understand Star Wars know that women have always the most important characters in the movies. They have driven the plot, started our other heroes along their path and taken charge of situations. Today we’re going to go over the many contributions the women of Star Wars have made to our favorite movies.

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